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  1. I'm a classy betch.

  2. Yeeeesss. I didn't even know there was a Britney Spears Christmas song, but I'm glad it's been brought to my mind.

  3. From what I gather, Surbiton is just a few roads. This is why I don't understand why it even exists, when Kingston is crying out to be bigger.


    The station is cool looking though.


  4. I assume that's a joke. I thought there were only 6 zones...


    But I have no idea. I live in Surbiton, but it seems the English have a fascination with naming things with different names when really they're the same place. I don't see any need for distinction between Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surbiton, Norbiton etc.

  5. OH KAY


    I'll see you there.


    *doesn't say where "there" is*

  6. Yes. Yes you do. I'm actually really upset I haven't got it yet.

  7. Lel. / no I have a degree to do.


    There's just obvious things like that, which need to be culled. And somehow Rita Repulsa and the concept of the monster maker thing/the very mythos of the Power Rangers wold need to be revamped. I can't remember what it is really anyway. It could be similar to the GLC, in that there's a group of Power Rangers on various planets/sectors blah blah. Not really seing them, but it's an established fact etc.

  8. Yes.


    One thing though - I'm a bit "..." on the idea of having a black person be the black ranger, and a chinese person be the yellow ranger.


    I also don't think they should be friends at first. Then have the classically lovely "learning to work together" dynamic thing yes yes.

  9. Well I responded with I thought on the matter on FBook.


    And I can't think of any off the top of my head.

  10. I'm going as Amora's Best Friend. (Skurge)

  11. My new local one is like getting on it's feet, like only has current issues, graphic novels and loads of random X-Men back issues (which I'd enjoy if I hadn't read them all already). Maybe in a few weeks once it gets more back stock or whatever.


    I will read more Dynamo 5 at Xmas, I don't want to DL anything whileusing Uni internet...I have to buy what I want atm. x

  12. Not even being mean/negative for the sake of it; It was worse than I thought. I expected it to be like "Oh I bet this'll be ok, and I'll have to admit that it wasn't awful" as I have enjoyed one or two of their songs in the past (without feeling the urge to ever own them). I was waiting for an epic chorus (it sounded like it was coming). It sounds like a deflated balloon. It promised way more.


    It wasn't BAD. But it was just in every way mediocre and completely ordinary.

  13. Nobody buys my body so I sell my art.


    *sucks on a Benson & Hedges*

  14. Oh god, sorry! I meant to do it but was busy, then GIMP (my "paint"/photoshop) mysteriously dissappeared from my computer, and I never got around to getting it back. Feel free to skip me. So sorry...uni life has made me very forgetful...

  15. Yeah, got my group, it;s a 1-5 minute film piece based on/starting from the themes of either Repetition, Space (in relation to anything), loops, palindromes and other stuff. Quite open ended. My group and I are just batting ideas around atm. I think I'm the only one to have done much research yet. One of the ideas my friend had seems a bit cold and dead, I wanna try and get some of my ideas out there tomorrow. :) We have to take role in the process, and I said I'd be editing (though we all share responibility obvs), but then I'm scared of ending up with a concept rooted in a shit/no idead. I'm all about concepts and ideas. That's where I'm best I think...so might try directing or something.

  16. Really good so far My flat mates are nice, but one is literally a dire person. A really sad case, and you just don't know what to do. She makes no effort to try and be part of everyone else, and is just (it sounds horrible, but it's the most apt way to describe it) uncool. And she is attention-seeking but in that awkward, negative way. During dinner, she'll go "Well I've never had any friends, so..." and then expects us to say something. We just stare at each other. It's awful. She's not even a nice person. ANYWAY. The rest are all nice.


    But I'm so glad that I've made a decent friend group from my course (which I expected), and I get on with everyone on my course so far. :)


    But yeah it's good. My friend-for-years-from-home-that-isnt-Chair-or-trotterp was down last night and it was cool to just be like "Look, I have a life! And friends!". Cause you're always scared you'll end up with no mates/etc. But that rarely happens.



  17. Yeah it stuns. Only seen a few, but I remember laughing loads at one I think where a reporter follows Candice and actually does see the brothers inventions or something? I need to find that one again, don't remember the name. I loved.

  18. Phineas and Ferb is my favourite thing. I watched it all the time while I was up in Orkney. I assumed it would be rubbish, but it's so good. <3

  19. ReZ! I thought you knew. God. That's why I'm like "I'll be at the next meet LOLolol" since I'm a million miles closer. You foo'.

  20. Yes...mentioned like 50 times. Kingston-upon-thymes. You filthy forgetter. x

  21. Could do. I know that... *continued in PM*

  22. In London, but back tomoz I thinks. Hes been away for ages, I know.