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  1. Actual LOL at the Roz bit. My favourite person/voice.

    Am I properly/fully visible in your dream, or is it a case of...you know it's me, but you may not see it as such? In my dreams, I "know" certain were there in the situation, but they weren't fully seen.

  2. Paj!



    I will use one day.

  3. Don't call me a scot, bytsh. I have more of an English accent than you. *



    *can only assume. And is probably not true.

  4. From what I gather, Surbiton is just a few roads. This is why I don't understand why it even exists, when Kingston is crying out to be bigger.


    The station is cool looking though.



    Sign up for my X-Men mafia game?

    From one accie to another. :p

    PLZ. kthxbai

  6. Hairspray hairspray. Spray. :p


    Hair x

  7. Paj!

    Have you finished BSG yet?


    I'm still reeling after finishing it. My favourite thing ever. Even more than those ham crisps from M&S.

  8. I assume that's a joke. I thought there were only 6 zones...


    But I have no idea. I live in Surbiton, but it seems the English have a fascination with naming things with different names when really they're the same place. I don't see any need for distinction between Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surbiton, Norbiton etc.

  9. I saw half (maybe more) of it about a year ago.


    I was unimpressed mostly. The visuals were...nice. I actually preferred The Cell (by the same guy) visuals-wise.


    However I reserve full judgement until I've seen it all.

  10. I was just gonna half, half, half etc each round as songs are eliminated, but as you say, a 3-way or two might need to occur. Unfortunate, but I'm dealing.


    I haven't worked out how many rounds, last time it was 5 and then the final, IIRC? It's work-out-able, but I can't bear to. Again, it's just how many times the lot can be halved, effectively.


    I think 66% isn't unacceptable to be honest. If you think that's too much, just say.


    Polls could be stunning, but I prefer posts, as it offers discussion/interesting facts blah blah.

  11. Lel. / no I have a degree to do.


    There's just obvious things like that, which need to be culled. And somehow Rita Repulsa and the concept of the monster maker thing/the very mythos of the Power Rangers wold need to be revamped. I can't remember what it is really anyway. It could be similar to the GLC, in that there's a group of Power Rangers on various planets/sectors blah blah. Not really seing them, but it's an established fact etc.

  12. My new local one is like getting on it's feet, like only has current issues, graphic novels and loads of random X-Men back issues (which I'd enjoy if I hadn't read them all already). Maybe in a few weeks once it gets more back stock or whatever.


    I will read more Dynamo 5 at Xmas, I don't want to DL anything whileusing Uni internet...I have to buy what I want atm. x

  13. Nobody buys my body so I sell my art.


    *sucks on a Benson & Hedges*

  14. Not even being mean/negative for the sake of it; It was worse than I thought. I expected it to be like "Oh I bet this'll be ok, and I'll have to admit that it wasn't awful" as I have enjoyed one or two of their songs in the past (without feeling the urge to ever own them). I was waiting for an epic chorus (it sounded like it was coming). It sounds like a deflated balloon. It promised way more.


    It wasn't BAD. But it was just in every way mediocre and completely ordinary.

  15. OH KAY


    I'll see you there.


    *doesn't say where "there" is*

  16. ooh, that might be cool. Bearing in mind I'm not a particularly "comic"-y drawer...strangely, since that what I drew for years. But I probably could If I tried hard enough.


    I'll play with a few ideas. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  17. Peebles, lol? I love. Where part III of the Chair/Paj team lives, and generally a stunning/boring place with nice houses in certain bits.


    Well realistically I want to go to Kingston, it blew me so near to the edge, but my mum is like "LETS LOOK AT YOUR OPTIONS" basically saying "I'd way prefer you went to a free uni in Scotland", but Kingston is straight into film with way better oppurtunities, rather than doing ANOTHER foundation year. 2 foundation years dont get you anything more than 1 in terms of applications and stuff. Plus I was already accepted for Kingston, and agggh, Just let me go.

  18. Really good so far My flat mates are nice, but one is literally a dire person. A really sad case, and you just don't know what to do. She makes no effort to try and be part of everyone else, and is just (it sounds horrible, but it's the most apt way to describe it) uncool. And she is attention-seeking but in that awkward, negative way. During dinner, she'll go "Well I've never had any friends, so..." and then expects us to say something. We just stare at each other. It's awful. She's not even a nice person. ANYWAY. The rest are all nice.


    But I'm so glad that I've made a decent friend group from my course (which I expected), and I get on with everyone on my course so far. :)


    But yeah it's good. My friend-for-years-from-home-that-isnt-Chair-or-trotterp was down last night and it was cool to just be like "Look, I have a life! And friends!". Cause you're always scared you'll end up with no mates/etc. But that rarely happens.



  19. ReZZZZ your cute poke thread gave me an idea but if you wanna do it, you can, since I was inspired by you -


    Basically just doing some kinda "Pokemon Wars" thing similar to my (boring/can't be arsed finishing) Music Wars (but with obvs differences), where a thread is made for two pokemon going against each other and people choose the winner or something...needs planning but I sense stunningness.

  20. Slag.


    How's Cast coming along?


    [/should be saying this on MSN]

  21. SO DOES YOUR FACE!!!!:geek:

    But also...Chair and I's new thing is playing with ALT+ a letter to see what comes up and what that then does to the word. Children kinda fits with the idea of X-Men...birth...strangeness being inherent...yeah...I'm clutching at straws.. :P

  22. This is so fucking lol btw. Chair has/had doubles of him so yeah, ask him if he still does. But it's LOL because, at out very first tourney, everyone else knew each other, so the three of us newbs were like "Let's make friends", and we sent chair over and he was like "Hey, anyone wanna trade for Lex Luthor?", and the group just looked up, were silent, and said "No.", and chair just shuffled back in defeat.


    It was lol at the time.