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  1. Yeah and I looked at the time that thread was created, barely minutes before I came back. DUN DUN

  2. I had red beats on (probably?), grey jumper and blue jeans with a grey bag? Yeah that was me! I'm usually very observant with people around me but I honestly don't remember seeing you or anyone haha...I think I zone out with my headphones on! Craaaaazy. I was searching for rom-coms for my sister's birthday... :/


  4. SO DOES YOUR FACE!!!!:geek:

    But also...Chair and I's new thing is playing with ALT+ a letter to see what comes up and what that then does to the word. Children kinda fits with the idea of X-Men...birth...strangeness being inherent...yeah...I'm clutching at straws.. :P

  5. I just have so much less interest in it compared to X-Men, and there's so much X-men. I have now finished Legacy and only have adjectiveless to read and I'm less bothered with that so will read Invince I guess. It is technically below Death of Ultimate Spider-Man in my list of NEEDZ but yeah.

  6. I never will.

  7. Yeah I know. I'm waiting for it come out over here.

  8. You're such a weirdo.

  9. who added you on faces/faeces/facebook?

  10. What's "yesssssss" ?

  11. Ew no! Glaswegian accents are horrid. The end of every sentence sounds like a question.

  12. Video doesn't work. I can imagine his voice so it's fine.

  13. I don't. There be no tube stations this far out. My friend lives in Tooting, which is like 2 overground stops away, and they have a tube station. So think Kingston/Surbiton just miss out. I have to get the overground train to Waterloo if I want to go into central.

  14. Yeah I made it myself. Made one for the 1st evos and 2nd evos, but then I didn't know why I did them, and just used them for sigs/avvies. :)

  15. Paj!



    I will use one day.

  16. Yeah, but who isn't influenced by Lynch these days?

  17. "Meen ah" was dragging me down. I'm Paj to everyone anyway. I needed a fresh start.

  18. Yeah, could be stunning. I need time to plan (which I don't have atm, will do in a few days). Toss me ideas if you have any. xxxx

  19. ReZZZZ your cute poke thread gave me an idea but if you wanna do it, you can, since I was inspired by you -


    Basically just doing some kinda "Pokemon Wars" thing similar to my (boring/can't be arsed finishing) Music Wars (but with obvs differences), where a thread is made for two pokemon going against each other and people choose the winner or something...needs planning but I sense stunningness.

  20. Hmm no. It rings a bell as though I might have at one point. What/who is it and why?

  21. p.s sorry i never replied to your text. My old phone (which I had until this afternoon) lost the ability to text. What was it about again? I remember being confused then just ignoring it, lol.


  23. Paj!

    Stunning. Yeah, I'm in Block B of Seething Wells, first year Filmmaking. :)