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  1. Last.fm bought out for £140 million.

    Yeah, Bjork's play count hasn't been updated in ages. Since I've listend to loads, I've seen the number be static.
  2. Favourite Album (56k Warning)

    Black Parade - My Chemical Romance Absolutely no fillers, just great tracks from my favourite band. I'd recommend it to anyone. Much better/different from their previous 2 albums. American Life - Madonna Considered her worst by many, I like the edgy, often political sound it has. Post - Bjork So good. I could really list all her albums, but this one stands out as the best when listened by itself. Begin To Hope - Regina Spektor An amazing voice. Just so talented.
  3. Yorkshire/West Riding Accent. Help!!

    You kind pf speak higher than usual into the back of your throat. That made no sense lol.
  4. We never get any interesting courses/subjects. My schools so unfashioned and boring. I'm like a crazed bohemian. AGH! I hate chemistry. Never understood it syndrome. Actually that's a lie. I know the pH scale thing, and the recycling/environment questions.
  5. The Music Thread.

    I don't really like videos that have nothing interesting happening in them. I love the song though. One of Catatonia's best.
  6. The Music Thread.

    I like Chelsea Dagger, and that's it from the Fratellis. I listen to virtually all genres of music. If I didn't, I would go mad. I can't imagine only listening to one genre.
  7. 9/10 For being aesthetically pleasing and personalised. Oh yeah, mine (for anyone who doesn;t know) is a screen capture from Bjork's video "Pagan Poetry". I can't really make it lighter, sorry. I'm not that good.
  8. Scary Mario Mouse figure

    "Hey Fuckwit" Obviously what he's saying.
  9. Post your favourite song lyrics thread

    What's the lesser of two evils: If a suicide bomber Made to look pregnant Manages to kill her target Or not? What's the lesser of two evils? What's the lesser of two evils: If she kills them Or dies in vain? Nature has fixed no limits on our hope Hope- Bjork
  10. The Music Thread.

    They aren't. In my opinion. But then I've discovered since liking them that opinion is truly divided. To me, they're the best band I've ever heard. (Well, their new album and the one before that..the first is utter crap) It's so powerful and emotive. Others label them as "emo". I just find all other metal/rock to pale in comparison.
  11. Could be funny. How did they know it was him?
  12. The Music Thread.

    Bjork, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, No Doubt and Garbage. Then Joni Mitchell.
  13. I have Geography and Maths GCSE next Monday I think. The only one left that I'm obviously going to fail is Chemistry. I've never understood what they're talking about.
  14. I found Batman Dark Tommorow quite hard to come by a few years back. After playing, I don't know why I bothered looking!
  15. 9/10 Very cool, despite me not knowing who/what it is.
  16. What the Hecky Thump Are You Doing Up?

    I'm up for fun. Listening to Bjork to try and increase her plays on Last.fm.
  17. Are you really like this?

    I'm a little more etroverted on the net to strangers than I am in person to strangers. I'm like this with my friends though.
  18. The Music Thread.

    Hey, I'm new here, but I thought I'd share some of my musical tastes. Bjork If you only watch one music video ever again, it should be this one. So beautiful. Pagan Poetry My Chemical Romance My favourite band. I know people label them, but their music is so powerful and emotive. This is my favourite track of theirs. Kill All Your Friends No Doubt My second favourite band of all time. Spiderwebs These 3, and others in a similar vein (Garbage, Panic! At the Disco, Regina Spektor etc) are my kind of music.
  19. Post Your Purchases

    Bought a stray comic for fun.
  20. Summer Jobs

    No. I'm not that good. I live in Edinburgh, depite being English to the naked eye. Why do you ask?
  21. Do my Penguin for me

    *stands with his mouth open* I can't do Chemistry for shit, and I'm in the "special" Maths class. Good to know theres people here to rely on if i ever need help!
  22. User Image Gallery

    Lol, how do you do it? /Users/henrygray/Desktop/15086522a4423635869b373753143l.jpg Ok, that didn't work. *pleas for help*
  23. *is blissfully naive* I go to a fairly good private school, where thankfully theres no huge divisions or violence at all, let alone stuff like that. It makes you think what it's like out of your own little bubble when this stuff happens. Sorry.
  24. Summer Jobs

    *wins being 15* *dodges needing a job* I might need to work in Forbidden Planet/ HMV.
  25. 'Tis Bjork, from the album artwork of her new album, "Volta". 4/10. - Reall basic, and I never really liked the triforce design.