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  1. Sexuality Thread

    Chair's gay (probably should let him speak for himself lol), but we go to private school, which as un-pc as it sounds, is much more accepting in general than "state" schools. No one gives a shit really. One of the most "popular" guys in school (/ He's well known around school) is the campest person i've ever met, and he's universally loved.
  2. Drinking

    It's fine in modration but I hate drunk people. I don't care if you get drunk like once a year, i'll still hate you.
  3. LOL. I just thought of the first LEDC that came into my head.
  4. 7/10 Love the font on the second word. And Deku Link ftw. I hate not having a real sig.
  5. 5/10. A bit dull. Sorry, for not acknowledging that! Thanks, i'll try and work that in somewhere.
  6. Voice Actors Needed!

    God, whats wrong with you. What do you use?
  7. Paris Hilton to be jailed.

    She's in the VIP bit, so she should really get over it.
  8. I don't know why, but I did Ghana. I don't think it's even densely populated. *is distressed*
  9. Voice Actors Needed!

    Could be funny. ReZ, do you have iTunes, cause I can record it as a itune, and send it over MSN.
  10. Smoking

    My mum smokes, and I wish she didn't. I don't want to.
  11. Balls - New Cartoon

    Hmm. *coughs into a jar* Yeah. If it was funny, I could watch.
  12. User Image Gallery

    Do I have to put images on imageshack or something to load the on here? (Usually I'd just use bebo/myspace photo sections, but my Mac has no RIGHT CLICK, so i dont think I can)
  13. Soul Calibur Legends

    I love the fact the series has a good storyline, unlike may fighters. I like the idea of a 3rd person game. Fighters get boring after a while. Setsuka FTW!
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    Last film I saw was "Basquiat" (sp?), a biopic of Jean-Michelle Basquiat, the artist who shot to fame in the 1980's. It has Jeffrey Wright as Jean-Michelle, David Bowie as a GREAT Andy Warhol, and that girl from Meet Joe Black. (And Courteny Love in a stray scene for a laugh) It's very surreal in parts, and feels like a very arty film. Lot of drug abuse going on here. 8/10. Very well acted, with lots of cool cameos; Christopher Walken, Courtney Love etc.
  15. Riddle Me This, Riddle me That

    Sausage/Hot Dog?
  16. Riddle Me This, Riddle me That

    Like a custard pie, or something. Creme Brule?
  17. Favourite Album (56k Warning)

    That's ignorant. ("wrists") It gets better on repeated listens, but I HATE the sound quality of Bullets. Theres less variation between tracks, and it's less anthemic than Black Parade. Three Cheers seems like a happy medium of both.
  18. I usually watch BB, but I don't cry I miss bits. I need to go to a concert. Gwen Stefani in September but thats not summer... Anyone got the dates of the music festivals?
  19. Last.fm bought out for £140 million.

    No, I think it's that each artist isn't instantly updated. I've been listening to Bjork and Regina Spektor pretty heavily recently, but the overall tracks scrobbled no. hasn't changed.
  20. Last.fm bought out for £140 million.

    lol yeah. This determines whether you're "famous". I can't classify P!nk. Most people have her under "Pink", which is a hold-all name for other artists. I have her under "P!nk", but she has like 400,000, which sounds wrong. Sorry, thats slightly off topic.
  21. Post your favourite song lyrics thread

    once had no fears None at all And then when I had some To my surprise I grew to like both Scared or brave Without them The thrill of fear Thought I'd never admit it The thrill of fear Now greatly enjoyed with courage When I once was Untouchable Innocence roared Still amazes When I once was Innocent It's still here But in different places Neurosis Only Attaches Itself to Fertile Ground Where it can flourish The thrill of fear Thought I'd never admit it The thrill of fear Now greatly enjoyed with courage When I once was Fearless ! Innocence roared Still amazes Untouchable Innocence It's still here But in different places Fear is a powerful drug Overcome it and You think that you can do Anything! Should I Save myself For later Or generously give? Fear of Losing Energy Is draining It locks up your chest Shuts down the heart Miserly And stingy Let's open up : share! When I once was Fearless Innocence roared Still amazes Untouchable Innocence It's still here But in different places Innocence - Bjork
  22. Scary Mario Mouse figure

    I went there with my school for a funny art trip. There were loads of stray transvestites walking around one night, which was..odd. I got over it, however.
  23. The Music Thread.

    Really? I exaggertaed about the first one.. Vampires Will Never Hurt You, Headfirst for Halos and Sunsets over Monroeville are good, but all the tracks have a wierd quality to them. You can't hear the words properly and it sounds kinda fuzzy. It lacks the "punch" of the next 2.
  24. Post Your Purchases

    I lead an eventful life.