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  1. How Good was Brookside

    Neighbours will alwys be my fave soap. I don't watch soaps though, I prefer dramas.
  2. 7/10 Like the text, but the sketch style of the picture is offputting. (It's a goof sketch, it jsut doesn't fit in) I have no real sig.
  3. The Music Thread.

    Can't wait for Garbage to come back. I think Shirley Manson's going solo though..lets hope she doesnt pull a Gwen Stefani. (Gwen's good, just not as good as she used to be)
  4. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    Really? Cause..that's not working..
  5. Allready rated syndrome. 10/10
  6. Who did you say you admired in the other paper? I said Bjork for no reason.. I wish I did someone real.
  7. Paris Hilton to be jailed.

    Given All the guys are crazy Given all the stars are blind If you give me real love baby I'll show you mine!
  8. The Music Thread.

    Under My Skin is better IMO, but then as you said, they're totally different sounds. I love that Video. And the song is growing on me. --- A a differen topic; Why is it that metal bands always have really cheesy names? Like "Dracula Rising", "Angel of Death" , "Holocaust of Doom" etc. That kind of thing. And the album art always looks really cheaply done.
  9. Paris Hilton to be jailed.

    It's basically being released. Realistically, that's just like not being a prisoner at all.
  10. The Music Thread.

    Yeah, Al La La is good. Of what I've heard, like 3 songs. *prefers if Bjork were suporting*
  11. The Music Thread.

    LOL I love. The equivalent. Like crap beach / a good beach.
  12. The Music Thread.

    They're supporting Gwen Stefani in September. : peace:
  13. I WISH WISH WISH there was a creative writing GCSE. The English is now seems to analyse every little bit of the language, which kinda takes away it's impact. I'm more creative than analytical anyhow. I have some English thing tomorrow.
  14. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    How do you take screen shots of your desktop?
  15. Pick a Picture

    i like the one of the guy cutting himself (..lol :p ) shaving.
  16. 10/10 black and White are always awesome, and No Doubt makes me 'gasm.
  17. 8/10 Cooooooooo.....oooool.
  18. Sexuality Thread

    I feel Britain is generalyy accepting thanks to its small size. It's like only chavs left who are crazies. America would be worse. Each state has its own brand of justice and stuff. Not to mention the *shudders* Bible belt.
  19. 6/10 Yeah, way too fuzzy. If it was clearer it'd be awesome
  20. 8/10 For having Nintendo's best game as your sig.
  21. Voice Actors Needed!

    When ReZ learns to use iTunes, i'll send him my life story narrated by me featuring a musical interlude by Jo O'Meara featuring. Dizzee Rascal.
  22. Voice Actors Needed!

    Hmm. *waits for character announcemnet desgined for me* Do you even have a mic?
  23. Voice Actors Needed!

    I screamed out loud at that. Like molested by a bee with obvious intent. (To sell) BTW who's Shevrin?
  24. The Music Thread.

    Pop the Glock! I love her. I don't much of her stuff apart from that song though. 2 of the best songs IMO are; Play Dead (From the album "Debut") and Hyper-Ballad (from the album "Post") by Bjork. Just beautiful. [/ is in love with bjork.] Or you could go to the other end of the spectrum and listen to "Kill All Your friends" by My Chemical Romance.