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  1. 6/10 I feel i should remember who they are.. It's from the album artwork of My Chemical Romance's "Black Parade".
  2. I have Geog skills and Maths Calculator tommorow. Not much to really revise.. However, I have Chemistry (Which I literally have less knowledge than most 11 year olds) on Wednesday... Oh well.
  3. Sexuality Thread

    Their "sound" is better than many Pop bands nowadays. I'd take them over Take That or Westlife any day of any week.
  4. The Music Thread.

    Who else saw Bjork on Jools Holland on Friday? I love her.
  5. OMG! Same here! lol I totally forgot. I remember being so happy when I got the Kimberley action figure from Wollworths. She had a chest opening so she could take her mask on and off. What?
  6. I like it. I like the patterns in the background. 8/10
  7. Missing People

    A family friend's sister went missing when the friend was still a child. I'm not sure whatever came of it though. It was weird this whole Maddy thing.. Every mronign on GMTV, they kept saying something else the parents were doing, and never even brushing on the possibility that the girl wouldn't come back.
  8. The Music Thread.

    Artist: Bjork Album: Homogenic Track: Hunter, Alarm Call and Pluto. I love her.
  9. My friends sister. (like 6 years ago) But now everyone in school fancies her, and I got over it.
  10. Balls - New Cartoon

    Says the actor. Yeah, the voice acting (except Cannon) needs more emotion and speed of delivery. Also, each ball needs a range of emotions. Dennis seemed to just stare into space and smile. (I still love you, ReZ)
  11. Balls - New Cartoon

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnJVJ-7dZEc ReZ wanted me to post this. 1st EP of BALLS!
  12. Paris Hilton to be jailed.

    I typed "2 Words:", but only said "Stupid.", so i added "-ity" Stupidity.
  13. Rugby vs Football

    I hate stereotypes, so don;t take any offence from this anyone. Football appeals more to what my dear old grandma used to call "common" people. i hate that term, but it certainly is more prevalent in areas of less affluence, or chavvy places. Theres a lot moe chavs than like rich bitches in Britain. And motion2000, of course theres violence in Rugby, just an amzing amount less.
  14. Rugby vs Football

    Rugby has always been considered "higher" than Football, since it's the sport played in private schools and stuff, and nowadays, the only coverage of Football seems to be chavs killing each other over whose team is better. of course this all superficial, but I don't think the image of Rugby as "classier" than football is ever going to go away.
  15. You can train yourself to be ambidexterous. Just do everything you;d normally do with your dominat hand with the other hand. Like everyday things. Opening doors, using a mouse on computers, just little things. I tried but kept forgetting.
  16. 5/10 A bit dull, and I hate Dr.Pepper..it feels like a fake Diet Coke. Still, I love the can design.
  17. 8.8/10 WAY better than before. Dynamic, and just overall cool!
  18. Paris Hilton to be jailed.

    2 words: Stupid. -Ity.
  19. The Music Thread.

    LOL *looks at Avvie* He's a great showman, but I don't really understand Emo girls obsession with him. That's cause i'm a guy though. If I had to go for emo singers, I'd go for Betty Curse, or Avril Lavigne when she isn't being a bitch.
  20. Rugby vs Football

    Just don't. We had to play it at school. (I got to an all-boys private school) I just never enjoyed it. I like playing Football and Hockey a lot more.
  21. User Image Gallery

    Yeah.. What he said ^^ It could be worse. lol.
  22. Left means you're sinister.. :p I'm right, but I hold my pen wierdy, so maybe I'm a closet lefty secretly, and just haven't realised yet.
  23. Rugby vs Football

    I prefer playing Football , but I HATE HATE HATE the hooliganism that comes with it. People take it way too seriously. In the end, these over paid morons don't care what most of the fans think. Much of that is the same in rugby, except the violence bit. I like going to Rugby games/watching it, but don't like playing it. So, Rugby is better IMO.
  24. 5/10 Kinda boring, and I don't like the E in the star shape. It's just an offputting composition.