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  1. The Music Thread.

    Hardly. I love them. Are you talking about "Teenagers"? It's ok. Howwever, it's not the one I'd release If I were them. The best thing they could release would be "The End./Dead" as a single 5 minute song. (The 2 songs segue into each other)
  2. Is Batman A Superhero Or Not?

    He is beyond a normal man. Therefore he is "super". He also is part of the superheor universe that is DC comics. He is a superhero. He just doesn't have any powers.
  3. The Music Thread.

    Well, I think this whole situation can be solved like this.. MCR Rok. I em rite. Lolz!!11eleven1!one! (..n0ob)
  4. 3/10 Hmm. You kinda need something classy to balance out the signature..
  5. 7/10 Potentially funny.
  6. Britain's Got Talent

    I've watched bits and bobs. That amazing singer boy looks to much like Germaine Jackson to be taken seriously. I love the Baton king. Could be in Dead Or Alive and no one would bat an eyelid. Lord, I need to see that film again..
  7. The Music Thread.

    Because MCR mostly appeals to Teenagers and/or depressed people.
  8. Desktop Tower Defence

    I didn't know what was going on and like out them anywhere. That could be fun, if it'd actually worked as a plan.
  9. I love your tiled floor. I want that now. I have no set up. i have my desk, with CD racks and iMac and speakers. And the obvious piles of mess. I keep my DVDs/Games either with my consoles inthe living room or in my cupboard.
  10. The Music Thread.

    *throws something hard and sandpappery at him* I love MCR. Best band for expressing how you feel syndrome.
  11. The Music Thread.

    Yeah. On another note, Apparently Confessions a dancefloor (Madonna) is one of the greatest selling albums in history, reaching no.1 in 40 countires, and the same with the single "Hung Up". Just a little factoid.
  12. Balls - New Cartoon

    Do they? What famous comedies have someone like that? Scrubs is argueable, since JD isn't exactly normal..
  13. Official Neighbours Topic

    I was raised on Neighbours, but stopped watching it a year and a bit ago. I watched one last week and didnt recognize half of them. I loved Carl and Susan meeting Izzy again though.
  14. Teen Titans? lol Cool. 10/10 LAAAAAAAAAAARAAAAAA!
  15. Bionic Woman (2007)

    Yeah I saw a clip of this on GMTV a while back. It's cool she's expanding her repertoire.
  16. Sexuality Thread

    BJORK! *sings her name from the rooftops* I love androgyny in general. It makes everyone a lot more fun.
  17. The Music Thread.

    Just got the single of Here In Your Arms. I love. She is! She's great. I like 30 seconds to mars, i keep forgetting to pick up some of their stuff when I'm in HMV. I like Destination Calabria by Alex Gaudino, but not overly so.
  18. My pokecharm like combusted. 8/10 Crude artwork, but it works well.
  19. Balls - New Cartoon

    Question: Why is Dennis the main character, when he's the most boring?
  20. I hate the idea of getting my marks.. I think I screwed up English, and Dt and Art I wasn't pleased with. (The 3 I care about) I've finished Maths forever now! *cries/ doesn't*
  21. Yeah, they gave craps coloured pencils in the DT exam. I'd prefer if they didn't reward the lazy.
  22. No, it's true. I like MCR. More than the beatles anyway.. *hides* lol I think I mixed up the Sig and Avvie rating threads. 8/10.
  23. 8/10 Cool, ver prosffessinal looking
  24. If I Look _____ I See Thread

    If I Look Left I see My Hi Fi and CD Collection, as well as a pile of general mess. If I Look Right I see My X-men and Fantasia posters, and my amazing speakers. If I Look Down I see My Maths revision book and keyboard. If I Look Straight Ahead I see My iMac, and my Aliens poster. If I Look Behind me I see My raised metallic bed, and one of my unfinished "emotional" paintings..
  25. The Music Thread.

    I didn't think so..just boring and samey to every other rock n roll song out there. I comend him for continuing his career, but think he was an arse not getting a pre-nup with Heather Mills.