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  1. Woo! *waves a flag* Surely you lost LOADS of money, from all that selling and buying though?
  2. Sexuality Thread

    I think Alanis Morissette might be gay/lesbian/lesbionic (whatever). She has that face/attitude.
  3. I hate SHIT! Just leave fucking time/reality manipulation alone! Marvel doesn't need to use time/reality manipulation for good stories, why does DC? Oh yeah, because most of the heroes in DC are unbeatable.
  4. Have you even heard it? I'm sure you wont listen, but heres the first single. Earth Intruders- AWESOME
  5. Except you can tell you've never sat down to actually listen to her, but simply based your opinion on preconceptions founded in ignorance. *flies away on hoverbike*
  6. 6/10 avvie. Too small, and nothings really going on. 9/10 sig. Love.
  7. The Music Thread.

    Oral Fixation vol 2 by Shakira(! Shakira!) is surprisingly good.
  8. 5/10 Interesting, but I ever since I got that free demo tape thing, they wont stop sending me crap in the mail.
  9. 6/10 Would be funnier if the Emo hair actually looked like EMo hair, and not like a weird floppy santa hat.
  10. The Music Thread.

    It says all lyrics were written by Courtney Love. (Going by the album booklet) It only lists him as having a hand in the music-making.
  11. I just remembered I love Futurama, from looking at that collection.
  12. Rate the last film you saw

    Shrek 3 6/10 Not even that funny, and a lot worse than the last 2. It's saving grace was the fighting princesses. (Snow White and her birds mainly)
  13. lol yeah, I'm thinking of changing soon. Thanks though. I like to stand out. 8/10 Voldemort!
  14. Yeah but Julia Carpenter feels funny being before the Black Suit. Fasionista wannabe. And being psychicly amazing in more fun. 4/10 Really boring. What is that really bad sounding/looking show? A whore must 've made it..
  15. Old School Disney films

    I love them all. I realistically love all the ones from 1989 till like 2000.
  16. Some news

    Getting a Shetland Pony could be a laugh. I love thier hair. Anyway, good luck.
  17. Have you heard of Venom? The bad guy from Spidey 3, and a popular enemy amongst fans? The new spider-woman (I say new - she's been around for about 20 years) was the inspiration for his black costume.
  18. Thanks. It's Spider-Woman (or women). (The original in the background, and the new one in the foreground) They're generally more fun than Spider-Man.
  19. 8/10 Really like it actually.
  20. 9/10 Really like it now! Love the black shapes.
  21. Fascination for the macabre

    I hate. I think my total fear of death is what makes all this worse.
  22. Ratatouille

    Anime movies (not based off anime cartoons seies) always seem to rule.
  23. Fascination for the macabre

    I don't think you should be talking about your fascination with Paedophilia.. Meh. I'm over it. I find "the macabre" interesting, but i'm not obsessed by it.
  24. The Music Thread.

    It does seem to be that opinions are divided. Everyone seems to be ok with Three cheers, but are of extreme opinions of the first and last album. I'm listening to IBYMBYBMYL again now. I always do that when people talk about songs/albums.