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  1. Oh. Wrong page syndrome. I aimed that at UK. 6/10 Nice colours when in stained glass form.
  2. The Music Thread.

    Fine, ok. Meshuggah are exactly what I don't like. That kinda stuff is good at a concert, but I wouldn't listen to that for pleasure. Opeth (never heard before now) are better, but still banal and ho-hum. Who said anything about distorted vocals? I'm obsessed with Bjork.. :p Fun was actually an awful word to use, lol. I really meant energy/energetic. And, calling MCR banal may be true of some of their stuff, but look who recommended Opeth and Meshuggah. By shouting I meant that one droning bellow that many metal singers seem to do. There's no words; just incomprehensable noise. I hate arguing about music. I love music, I just don't like people's attitudes sometimes.
  3. LOL I'm not giving you low scores becuase I'm bitter. That's not me. Maybe I'm giving you low scores, because you pick some pretty boring avatars? I think you need to get over yourself a little. It's now a 2/10. I've given it more thought, and it's better than last time.
  4. The Music Thread.

    Yeah, she's the queen. I actually love. If I was stranded on an island, and could only take one CD and a walkman, i'd take 'Vespertine", or "Homogenic". I'll never get bored of those.
  5. Harry Potter Theme Park

    It's not even a goos concept to carry it's own land though. They've left it so late, does anyone care that much? This means, Poseidon Adventure will go (I love that), Dueling Dragons, (never done it, but still), and others. I think I just outgrew the excitement for HP a few years ago.
  6. The Music Thread.

    I agree I'll discover more and more people I love. (I am now even, I love Last.fm) But I beleive I'll still love Bjork, maybe not MCR, but still. Because someone doesn't like it doesn't make it "shit". I think songs are made awful by their tune/melody and/or lyrics. So, IMO MCR have very few crap songs. They do have some, but in general, they aren't shit.
  7. User Image Gallery

    I hate that advert. It's like, "Fuck off. I prefer his hair to yours". I'm an emo at heart though.
  8. The Music Thread.

    Oxigen and Bard need to learn that becuase they say stuff is shit doesn't mean it is. I can't be arsed listening to metal. It's just boring. For me, anyway. I like a bit of energy and fun. So, I like bands like MCR, AFI etc. I love lyrics and song structure more than angry men shouting at me (generalisation, but yeah.) I hate this attitude that if one listens to anything remotely mainstream their taste in music doesn't count for anything or is "shit". It's just annoying. I love MCR. Apparently that means i'm musically immature. But I love Bjork too. Does that cancel it out? I'd love to know. Sometimes I wish more people were open-minded to other people's tastes, rather than assuming theirs is the highest one can get.
  9. The Music Thread.

    I MCR. I need to get over them though. I could learn to love AFI or someone like that.
  10. The Music Thread.

    Lol, what? Isn't having a good voice being the definition of being talented? Being hot isn't, but singing is. Oh yeah, did I mention I realised I have that exact T-Shirt that Pikachu is wearing? :p
  11. The Music Thread.

    They have 8 studio albums, IIRC. Yeah, Iris is an immense song. --- I really need to get Garbage's debut album. I've had Stupid Girl and I'm Only Happy When It Rains for yonks, but I just rediscovered them.
  12. The Music Thread.

    I love it. Not after 9 weeks. I love her voice, and the "ella ella ella" bit is key to it's greatness. Otherwise it'd be another standard pop song. She at least tries to inject some life/fun into her stuff. Haggis, those 2 avril performances are great, but not better than the album versions. I prefer them with the full music.
  13. Oh god, I'm so sorry. It's like the worst situation. What kinda jobs are you applying for?
  14. The Music Thread.

    Just finished analysing it against the album. It's a bit shouty, but then that's cause it's live. I prefer the album one. Electric guitars never hurt anyone. I'll edit in what I think of I can do better.
  15. The Music Thread.

    I remember she was awful live when she first hit the big time. It was embaressing to watch her live. She's better now.
  16. 6/10 Scraggly bearded man, plus a cliched quote does not a good sig make.. It just feels like it's missing something.
  17. Help me make a picture like this

    What happens? I'm using Safari on a mac..
  18. The Music Thread.

    Sortof. I've not got around to actually getting any of their stuff, but they were supporting My Chemical Romance in Glasgow, and they were pretty cool. Couldn't hear a word of what the guy was singing, but still good. : peace: EDIT: OMG! lol I have the t-shirt Pikachu's wearing in your avatar, Harribo!
  19. 80's Music

    The Sugarcubes are good too. But then I'm biased 'cause I love Bjork.
  20. Coco Pops

    I don't eat cereal. The only 2 I ever really enjoyed were Cookie Crisp and Nesquick. Cocoa Pops are too soggy. I eat Croissants, Toast or Pain Au Chocolat every morning. Cereal just isnt that nice in the morning.
  21. The Music Thread.

    I agree. What does everyone think about digital-only singles? Bjork has started releasing singles via iTunes only, from her new album. Do you think this is a good thing, as it'd end up like that anyway? Or do you think having the CD in your hand is still a nice feeling? I personally like having the CD single of a song I really love, and it's a bit sad that CD's are slowly being erased in place of digital music.
  22. The Music Thread.

    Love that Divinyls song. Who's career has gone down the toilet? Samantha Mumba?
  23. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    That's basically my exact thoughts. People keep chatting about bits from the last 2, and i'm like.. "When did that happen?"
  24. The Music Thread.

    I love those kinda things. Didn't they do that with "Honey To The Bee" by Billie Piper a while back? I need to find a random song and start one of those petitions.