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  1. Thanks everyone! Who knows, you could be launching the next top model!
  2. Oh..sorry I'm tired. I need to have a nap. True though. I like tall (which they all are) men with dark hair and stuff. *shrug* ONLY IF THEY VOTE FOR ME / I'm not even that bothered, it's a free country. *falls asleep*
  3. I don't understand. I feel so sick and my mouth is dry. WHY DIDN'T THEY USE MY OTHER PICTURES.
  4. I actually can't at my nose. In the top ten worst photos of me. URGH. THANKS GUYS. Daft it's fine here's my ranking If I wasn't me. Daneel Sam Chris Brad George Me The rest (not based on just this picture, just not my type)
  5. lol -- *the* sound that haunts my dreams. It's sampled/used a lot. Love this, only discovered it the other day on his Greatest Hits. The titular wheel is the 'wheel of fortune' so to speak, which he accuses his partner of 'spinning' in being promiscuous/unfaithful/having unsafe sex with other men and not telling him, thereby putting him in danger (from HIV I guess, I think that was the issue).
  6. Workout Playlist

    Metal is more painful to mine. Different strokes!
  7. Workout Playlist

    Because a major purpose of dance music is to make people want to move to a beat?
  8. I want this story in its own thread. Chapters of this story. Maybe some photos, or perhaps we can illustrate scenes from it as the story unfolds. Goodness me. There better be a part two.
  9. HOLD UP [/sisqo at the start of How Many Licks? by Lil Kim] Daft likes penises? When did this happen? Tell me everything.
  10. Workout Playlist

    I slap on my faithful iTunes playlist called ++++PURE DANCE/REMIXES and let it shuffle. Lots of remixes from compilations I come across. Mostly generally fun/upbeat pop songs turned dance bangers. Of varying intensity. Like...the Young & Beautiful Mix would be good for stretching or something whereas others would be better for running. An excerpt: *not all these remixes are good, they're just clubby and appropriate.
  11. Tell us about your body

    I used to be sorta fat. Not extremely, always just on the cusp. Fatter. Bit flabby. Then I had this allergy thing out of the blue (I'm allergic to something used in cheap wheat-based products or something I dunno) and it's related to metabolism/burning fat/something to do with when your body begins to use energy. If the wheaty stuff is in my system and I exercise too much (even just go for a walk) I'll react. So it's to do with that. In the year+ that followed that initial allergy attack, I lost weight. Sure I'd just gone to uni and wasn't eating as much as I did at home but I certainly didn't eat that healthily at all nor did I do much exercise other than what I had to, like walking and stuff. So my metabolism just sped up hugely. I actually only STOPPED losing weight maybe a year ago. I thought I might have some wasting disease. *whew* The minute that happened and I had better hair (somewhat of an oxymoron for me but everything is relative) and kept my facial hair people started saying I was hot/looked like robert pattinson/gorgeous etc. Basically I have a list of people who have said to my face they want to fuck me. Lol. It was quite the change, I used to HATE how I looked. *flips hair* HOWEVER. As I mentioned elsewhere on the board I'm not toned at all so I'm starting to do something about that, slowly. I have an odd shaped torso. It's not straight up and down, kinda dips in at the middle like I wore a corset once. ?? Eh, no one's ever complained. I like my legs. Which arms had more definition. They will. My face is actually what I have most problem with...my skin specifically. Never had FULL-ON acne, but just really odd spots and though not as bad/disgusting as when I was a teen obviously, some of them are scarring..which is...off putting. Hmm. I wish I could just IRL photoshop my face (JUST A LITTLE) and I'd be fine with myself.
  12. Yeah and I looked at the time that thread was created, barely minutes before I came back. DUN DUN

  13. Tell us about your penis.

    I have some glow in the dark condoms. My straight flatmate pointed out when we got them (free from some uni event or something) that his greatest sadness is that he'd never be able to play lightsabre duels with penises like I would.
  14. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    I realised my dream is to look good naked. I mean, I look stunning now of course since I lost all the weight ages ago, but I'm not toned at all. I wish I was. Well actually I'd rather be muscle-bound than particularly skinny but beggars can't be choosers. I'm TRYING to get motivated to go to the gym regularly, but until such time (I go like once a week looool) I'm doing that 7-minute workout app on my phone. I really like it, and it feels like I'm doing something worthwhile. I can feel it in my POOR WEAK FEEBLE muscles. I'll upgrade after I do it for a bit longer.
  15. ReZourceman's Videos (Enter At Own Risk)

    I love how subversive and PC you were about colour in his skin. STATEMENT. POLITICAL.
  16. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    So this summer I read quite a lot, really caught up! Saga Vol.1 + 2 Everyone seems to like this and I to have got really into it. Hard to say why as in a way not a huge amount has even happened yet but the scope for it is hard to pin down yet (in a good way). A lot of interesting things to come I'm sure. It's a good sign that I keep wanting to read more! The Stalk <3 Lying Cat <3 Captain Marvel Vol. 1 + 2 Wanted to read this as I like the character and am really interested in the INTEREST this series has got. So many fans who had never picked up a comic before...and I love reading up/talking about the state of women in comics (IRL and in-story). It's an enjoyable series. Nothing to write home about but cool. POSITIVE. Action Comics Vol. 1 Hm. Love a lot of Morrison but this took a while to grab me and of course I feel like I'll need to read the rest of the run to get bits of it. It didn't quite gel with me like a lot of his other work. We'll see. But I'm in no rush to pick up vol. 2. Certainly not until it's out in paperback form. Batman: The Black Mirror Lovely. A semi-modern classic it seems? Not sure about that but a beautiful volume. I'd read the actual 3-issue Black Mirror story but none of the stuff after. It is a really good Batman story and some lovely things explored. The art is GORGE. Hawkeye Vol. 1 Great. Need to pick up volume 2. Frankly Marvel has it right these days. Get comics back to being FUN. stfu DC ugh and some older one Wonder Woman: Eyes Of The Gorgon This was nice. I want more of Rucka's run. I liked the portrayal of Medusa. Wonder Woman: The Circle This needs a reread, it's held in high regard. I enjoyed it but it didn't stand out very much to me. As well as my monthlies being Earth 2, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny Avengers and FF. Also now Saga will be a monthly. I want to catch up on some things like Wonder Woman and Batwoman (read 2 volumes and 1 volume repsectively) but they publish volumes so late after the issues come out I'll always be behind. I'm POSSIBLY getting an iPad for my birthday so wil get itunes vouchers in which case I'll use them to catch up with Wondy/Bats. X-Men so far has been so awesome. Got issue 4 waiting to be read! Uncanny X-Men is my *side* of choice...I should catch up with All-New but it ships to much for me to afford. I think? I dunno I lost track around issue 10. I like the art/find this team potentially more intriguing. PLUS DAZZLER ?? Uncanny Avengers is my Avengers title of choice. The art + Remender + it's a continuation of Uncanny X-Force so... FF is still great. If you like Hawkeye and Waid's Daredevil, this is the third title in that vein. Lovely stories about family, friendship, action, classic comic adventure and humour! I know Fraction will only be plotting it soon, not writing. Hmmm. Earth 2 is my only Dc comic for a joke. WORLD-BUILDING. Except Robinson is leaving? I feel like we haven't even got started!
  17. Wow... Maybe I am growing up?

    I've had so many of my favourites *moments* in clubs. I (effectively) met my boyfriend in the little local gay club near uni, to name a big one! That small club (it keeps opening and closing due to shit location lollll) was rarely busy except for special occasions so it was more like a gay local that was more bar/club than pub. It was great <3 Memorable club time also was when I first heard I Could Be The One by Avicii, yes, I enjoy the song but it's not revelatory blah blah, but it was a weird night and I was really off for some reason, not even feeling like drinking. So unlike me, almost sad but didn't know why. Then that song came on just as I got into it and the lights to STROBE. I was done. I was gone. Such a good experience. It was undiluted...I dunno, what you're MEANT to go to clubs for? <3 <3 In the right club situation (and when it's even slightly wrong I KNOW it) I feel free. I've danced to Vogue, feeling amazing and probably looking awful by myself on a podium in a packed gay club, dripping in sweat. I DON'T CARE I LOVE IT
  18. What brings your life meaning?

    I feel I have a greater purpose. I want to help people. *becomes a superhero* No but seriously. Being gay and feeling how I feel about it..I want to be part of the fight for change. I'm going to my masters in art therapy, which is a profession that is about helping people (help themselves?). I want to change things. That's it now. It felt VERY odd this summer having finished uni and facing the big bad world. AH
  19. Janelle Monae

    I'm quite looking forward to this. I liked Archandroid (duh) but strangely haven't listened to it in full since I started uni (2010!). It reminds me a lot of that time. Hmm. Heard Dance Apocalyptic on the radio (jokes) and it made me like it even more.
  20. Tell us about your penis.

    Look at everyone viewing this thread. These bitches be thirsty. Bet you're all touching yourselves.
  21. Wow... Maybe I am growing up?

    Straight clubs are the worst because I feel like most of them actually miss the point of clubbing and the type of environment a night out where people can be themselves/anyone they want, dance, drink if you wish, just let your hair down etc etc. Gay clubs *get* it more. Not always. Of course. And of course not all *straight* clubs are shit. But most. Let me dance. Let me run around dressed how I want. Isn't that the point? Not to be breeding ground for violence/lairy-ness. I still feel incredible urges to go out dancing to clubs. But now I'm more discerning about *where*.
  22. Tell us about your penis.

    Mine is 'normal'? It is the most perfectly penis-shaped penis I've ever come across. Interestingly. Like they're all different shapes and sizes I know, but practically every penis I've...experienced... is either noticeably *something*. Oh, that's thicker than I expected. Oh that's long but thinner than I'd like. Oh that one bends. What I also never knew was so common was people having foreskin that didn't retract fully. I caused a few guys actual pain (lol) cause I just had at it as I would my own...whoops. I think if it's that tight then you should try to naturally stretch it out (like people often recommend in place of circumcision) or get the chop. I have a fair (well It always seemed normal to me anyway) amount of foreskin so it retracts completely. I would say I'm a grower, but again, not to the extreme. I would like it to look a little bigger when flaccid but it's fine. I don't mind it. I often find in photos It looks more pleasing than I see it *from way up looking down, I guess that makes sense*. My boyfriend is bigger than me in thickness (Hee hee ) but the same in length. But then mine is more in proportion to the general visual of a perfectly satisfying penis (imo). EDIT: Re; Manscaping - I have trimmed my pubic hair like...5? times in my entire life. I always forget. I probably would if I was still single. I believe in hair, and the one time I shaved it all off it looked hideous and child-like and I reacted/it stung. Urgh never again. I do sometimes look at myself and realise I really should trim more...it can be rather like a jungle but my boyfriend never seems to notice when I do or don't. I'm quite hairy all over.
  23. Religions

    I was raised as...nothing. My mum kindasortamyabe(butnotreally) believes in something. So she's slightly spiritual. But barely. And my dad is agnostic (but really is atheist, he just wants to sound cool). I was raised not being too influenced by either, so I could make my own choices should I choose to. I went to church for like 3 years with my aunt and cousin as something to do, when I was like..10-13? or 10-14. I met nice people and it was the nicest church - now the only church in Edinburgh I'm aware of with multiple gay members of the clergy (?) and female members etc. Protestant natch. So it was nice. When I was 13 I went on a trip to the war battlefields in France, Germany and Belgium. I remember wearing a cross and praying, but then 'realising' that this atrocity and thinking about it actually eroded away any weak notion of faith I had (little to begin with). Soon after I grew bored of church and left. I never personally heard/felt/saw/experienced any of the horrible bits of religion at my church. But then my church was lovely and gay. Despite being the central church in town. <3 I went through a very ANTI!!!! phase. Then being terrified immensely of death due to my lack of faith. I grew jealous and bitter that people could be so 'blissfully ignorant' and not 'worry' about death. Meh. That left when I grew out of teen angst. Sometimes if I think about it hard enough the feeling return. But it's never at the forefront of my mind anymore. I love the positive aspects being part of a religion some people can gain/experience. But I am part of a minority who still suffers such injustice in the name of these religions (and/or traditions much associated with these religions, or countries that at least abide by the laws laid down by religions, if not saying so). I don't know if unless you are in or have been in such a position that one will know how it feels. *I don't!* I am genuinely the most privileged gay man I know. Absolutely ADORED by my entire family, friends, living in the UK, no grief at school, practically ever etc etc. But I am quite an empathic person and I am made incredibly sad to think that for going along to Glasgow Pride as I did the other day, I would be either a) prevented from doing so b) jailed c) beaten d) tortured e) killed. It makes me sick. So I hold a LOT of resentment. But I also have more time..? I dunno. I'm just calmer. I like learning about spirituality/mythology/religions.
  24. Lady Gaga

    Disco Heaven sounds like an unfinished demo for someone else. Definition of a bonus track. I've barely ever listened to that or Again, Again. No way they were ever meant to be part of that first album. Just Dance and Poker Face are good pop songs and mild classics from that era but not for her. They could have been done by anyone. I wasn't convinced by her even after PF came out. LoveGame I forgot about (...) but that's good, I like that. I'd keep that. The rest is *shrug*. Barely any of that album says 'This is Lady Gaga' since experiencing the years that have followed since. The only tracks on BTW I could lose would be Hair (still great production) and The Queen (bonus anyway so yeah) and they're bonus. The entire albums production just BLOWS my mind, sounds like nothing else the other pop girls were doing (unless you count the loose allusion to old Madonna songs looool) and is full of gorgeous *sounds*. The start of Bad Kids. The humming in various songs. The spoken bits in Schßisisise. The way her vocals just come out. It's just great. I love it. And people seem to hate You and I? Huh. So sing-along-able. The singles were all appropriately chosen for mass audiences. The Fame sounds so cheap compared! Except for the rare exceptions. OH I forgot I Like It Rough, sorry. That's great. But not BTW great. She also looked like shit the entire first era but then she didn't have the freedom to do anything very interesting until like year 2. I forgot how much I loved it until Applause came out. Which I like. The video makes it better. EDIT: I like Eh, Eh from The Fame too. But maybe just the Pet Shop Boys mix. The video is so lol. Tell me that video reminds you of Lady Gaga. Cherry cherry boom boom xoxx
  25. Lady Gaga

    She doesn't like the Telephone video. The Applause video is brilliant. It makes the song *make sense*. It's all a performance. Look, it's a stage..she's a clown, a botticelli painting etc, without it being too on the nose. Comes off like fashion imagery, which is always nice. Lovely. And Aneres...I can't get over thinking Fame is her best album. Literally only songs I'd put on a best of Gaga playlist would be like..Paparazzi...and Boys Boys Boys and Paper Gansta cause I like them but the rest don't resemble who she is as an artist really. It's fun/a good pop album but The Fame Monster did it better with less tracks while being *her*. And I personally cannot choose the best tracks from Born This Way, it's fantastic all the way, really interesting.