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  1. It just felt the most conversational. And...yes that would have made sense...
  2. General Movie Thread

    ... This is a terrible post for me to read. Go and watch it now. You are aware that the only 'teen school in america based around girls' films worth watching are Clueless, Mean Girls and now Easy A? A vital addition to the canon. It's fantastic. (Bring It On has it's say, but is way below the others mentioned)
  3. Forum User Photos

    I wanna be where the people are I wanna see, wanna see EM DANCING Then I got drunk and 212 came on. This captures me screaming 'BITCHES!' at some girls dancing on my bed. Then Ariel was retired I went for a different look. Look at my spindly little arms! I really have lost weight/have a wasting disease! I remind myself of a starving refugee crossed with a hipster. Starving hipster?
  4. Can someone tell @Frank (I can't remember how to tag people) to clear out his stored private messages? Thanks eerone. Or give me his facebook.
  5. Lana Del Ray

    Yeah I'm enjoying this more and more - just a lovely thing to hear. The theme remains the same throughout and the lyrics can be a bit "..." but it's masked so well. Summertime Sadness and National Anthem are my best. Dark Paradise has the obvious worst lyrics.
  6. What Have You Bought?

    Sleigh Bells - Reign Of Terror Such a brilliant sound. The sound of being absolutely blown away. THIS to me is rock music that actually knocks your socks off with it's ferocity, not the countless RAGHH-ing men with their beards and long hair trying to get people to lose themselves. And the vocals of the lead singer here are about as far removed from that type of rock as possible. It's the pure euphoria of delicate pop music trapped in an unstoppable barrage of guitars and drum machines at ridiculous volume. I know it's hard but you gotta deal with it
  7. good stuff thread.

    Oh yes ALL the shops. I'm going there purely to shop. The comic shop/graphic novel boutique was perfect. Just perfect. The STUNNING 'vintage magazine' shop that looked like a pickwicks esque shithole but actually had my favourite images on postcards/posters.
  8. I'm back in a 'I love this heavy pop-rock' mood. Marilyn Manson, randoms from Good Charlotte/Blink-182, My Chemical Romance...anything that might think it's not pop but actually is. Or rock that is actually just pop with pretensions of darknesssssss I was to shake my metaphorical long greasy black Madonna-at-premiere-of-'Truth or Dare' hair to this.
  9. good stuff thread.

    Yes. I was leapt upon by a transexual too, the one with a stunning personality from My Transexual Summer - I actually tried to walk past her to chat to another person from the show but was molested for like a minute on the way. A joke thing. And Pete of Big Brother/has tourettes-fame tripped over my foot on the way out of the toilets. Hey various C-List Channel 4 celebs.
  10. good stuff thread.

    I was at NUS Student Pride in Brighton over the weekend, which is like...just a few club nights, not really gay pride or anything. I'm not sure of the reasoning/point, but it was fun. Went with a lot of people from uni I knew and some I vaguely knew so it was nice to get to know people better. Met my boyfriend down there as he is from there and has been home recently for quite serious family stuff. I loved Brighton. It was so compact and wyndy - bits reminded me so much of Diagon Alley. I hate hills, but I was stunned that you were always really aware of what type of incline you were walking on. It's mostly only ever uphill or downhill, so when you cut through on a straight bit, you love life. Never been in a city built upon such steep hills - some of the more residential parts were crazy steep. Every third person seemed to be gay too.
  11. The Avengers

    Avengers Assemble is a nicer title anyway.
  12. General Movie Thread

    Easy A is one of the best ever. <3
  13. bad stuff thread.

    I might have to have my wisdom teeth removed (they haven't come out yet, but are causing problems already). And I have a strange visible (varicose??) vein in my left leg. And other less worrying ailments. I'm falling apart.
  14. The Music Thread

    Yeah my ideal is to buy the vinyl for the physicality, since they always stun more than the CD, and a lot come with download coupons for the album anyway/I would be justified in downloading for my iPod, but would also have it to play on my record player. Though vinyls are even MORE money than CDs.
  15. I saw my boyfriend/guy for 5 minutes today - he's had to go home to Brighton as his grandma/family matriarch is on the verge of death and his mum also just found out some sort of bad news medically, and I haven't seen him since he had to leave abruptly on friday. So he came back to pick up some clothes today and we briefly saw each other. I'll be in Brighton on friday for NUS student pride so will see him then. It's a bit strange to try and console someone going through something like this - though he is really un-needy (thank god, I hate neediness) - just a sad situation.
  16. I'd buy my way into the circles I want to move in.
  17. Attracted/aroused

    I was visually (as in I kept wanting to look at him) 'attracted' someone in the customer services queue at Primark today, because he had a stunning face - a face only a non-british european could have. He was good-looking as a result, could be a model sortof thing, but it was more that I was interested in how his face looked. Like how I'd be interested at looking at a stunning painting. He seemed to have an annoying attitude and was clearly younger than me and generally seemed stroppy so I was over it. EDIT: It's the same way I'm attracted to Cassie, the singer. So undeniably beautiful that one just has to have a gander.
  18. The Music Thread

    I refuse to listen to music I want to own on Spotify, unless it's individual songs. It dirties me. If I feel they deserve my money, the artists will get it eventually. And I wish to hold something. To have and not to hold is the absolute worst.
  19. The Music Thread

    Oh no that's another one I want to buy! Next month I need Sleigh Bells Sinead O' Connor Madonna Die Antwoord 'Ow' says my wallet.
  20. That Will.I.Am song is absolutely AWEFUL, it's like a PARODY of Will.I.Am, who seems to be some sort of vampiric being on the face of the concept of music at the best of times. And Pixie Lott finally reveals that she is in fact dull as dishwater and the bits floating around in her metaphysical sink that aroused attention (All About Tonight, Boys and Girls) were flukes. Starships by Nicki is very bandwagon hopping but I enjoy it for what it is. Nothing spectacular, but I'd rather hear her do this style than Jessie J, so I'm fine. I worry for her status as an artist with longevity, she hasn't got a solid niche carved stylistically yet. Katy Perry's neverending album campaign is verging on ridiculous, and while the original album is really fun and so solid gold, this is so blah. What is her voice doing? Off-putting. Alexandra Burke's new one is meh. I don't get what's so special that has pop fans worked up...? It's like Cassie's new one. I was stunned at the idea of her return since she left the world such precious gifts in the form of Me & U and Long Way 2 Go but King of Hearts is minimal to the point of "...". Though I feel more to contemplate about that Elephant. It is aurally more interesting. But then you realise she can't or won't sing properly so it drags. ---- [/ REVIEW OVER]----- The song I keep singing out loud these last two days. I've been on a film set having to arrange various types of candle/in charge of costumes and props. This always bursts forth from within. I LIGHT THIS CANDLE!!
  21. The Music Thread

    ^ Is it? I've only seen one person post that on facebook, and it was in response to my own sharing of the original video. Or do you mean that the song started getting attention because they picked it up? Maybs. Hamishmash said Gotye was number 1 ages ago in Australia.
  22. Public Speaking

    I don't get nervous talking in class at all, and in general public speaking is ok by me. Even with a history of stammering - you'd think that'd put me off. Especially in smaller/class groups, ugh get over being nervous, you know everyone here, they aren't judging you. If it's for an important situation like an interview or something, I get nervousness about impressing people but...just casual stuff, it's whatever. I hate when people don't say stuff when teachers ask too - I always rack/wrack my brain trying to think of something to say to break the silence.
  23. General Movie Thread

    Yes! I loved all the toys in the Toy Story short. Come on Neptuna. I laughed out loud at Tae-Kwon Doe. Genuinely lolling. A stunning thing. -- Just watched Carrie. I loved. I was so sad/ It was so sad. Sissy Spacek is amazing...only seen her in this and Badlands, so similar schools of character (ish) but she stuns. I want to give her a hug. She has a beautiful face that isn't pretty. Or a pretty face that isn't beautiful. But she was a vision by the end. I loved her gym teacher. Made me want to be a teacher. I loved that some characters were nice people. And not just stereotypes. I kinda wanted less of the ending stuff. Though this being marketed as a horror is really incorrect anyway, it clearly wasn't made as a horror film. It's just about the horror of being a teenage girl who isn't 'normal'. Lots of symbolism of sex/maturity/womanhood/death but I won't comment as haven't read the book. I liked that Carrie was a good character too, realistic in that she wasn't mousy to the point of annoyance or that naive. (relatively) Recommend.
  24. General Movie Thread

    Yeah that was good. Selena Gomez and the boy from Modern Family felt a bit "...". Like..why?