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  1. Raising the next generation of Geeks.

    I agree (of course) - though in my case, I kinda wish my dad had tried a bit harder/bothered more when I was young, just to see if I was interested in some thing he liked. I mean I don't like Golf now and I don't think that would've changed, but he never tried to teach me how to play guitar, or even see if I was interested. Now I wish I had been more...shown stuff like that. He never taught me to play chess or anything else he likes.
  2. What Have You Bought?

    Actually bought for me as an 'Easter present' since we're over eggs in our house (but I still got some...). It feels like such a modern classic of an album, like one you need in your collection, just for the sheer number of incredibly solid, incredibly popular songs. I quite like all 3 of the new songs, and the holographic CD cover is life itself.
  3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    I'm kinda just...about the Marvel films now. They're always solid, and enjoyable, but I find myself either worn down by overexposure or just the fact they're defiantly unstunning...why am I not at all excited by The Avengers movie? That's crazy. Eh.
  4. General Movie Thread

    Discount these people's opinions from now on.
  5. I love that P!nk is a national treasure over there. The numbers she sells there are incredible. Albums, sold-out tours that last for years it seems...then the DVD of the same tour breaks records. WUT. They love her it seems.
  6. The Hunger Games

    Film was very solid and enjoyable. Didn't have that air of shite most films with this type of hypse/target audience. Nicely directed...felt like it rose above the functionality of blockbuster filmin - tried to be stunning with it's camera/use of sound. (how well the shaky cam works is debatable and perhaps should've been used less earlier so it was more apparent later on when things should be tenser) I hate all the tie-in merch I saw in Waterstones after leaving the film. Felt really innapropriate since if it wasn't based on a 'teen trilogy' it wouldn't exist. Horrible books with paparazzi photos of the cast on the front using words like 'hunks'. What? When did anything sexy/attractive happen in the film? In between the various flesh wounds and wailing? No. I bought the stunning 'companion album' though, which adds to the sense of classiness and stun. Felt really uncompromising and a lovely cross-section of the current alternative country scene, all beautiful tracks. Hey this one. EDIT: I hate all the spelling mistakes/letters missed while typing in this post, but I'm so stunned by the idea of 'hypse' that I refuse to correct any of them.
  7. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    When are the first trades from nuDC coming out? As in for each series, like the first 6 issues collected? I need.
  8. Bubble Pop and I Am The Best changed my life a few months ago. NEGA CHE CHALA GA NEGA CHE CHALA GA [/what I hear]
  9. What Have You Bought?

    Cd, £10 After seeing the film today. Even though none of the songs are in the film - I'm in the mood for an alt-country/folk compilations. Hey Neko Case. Hey Taylor. Hey everybody.
  10. Nicki Minaj

    She's been gaining steam all year, featuring on countless tracks by her peers, more often than not stealing the entire song. She's gained such a rapid fanbase that people are now seeking out the songs she features on...why she's such a valuable commodity for other artists. (Interesting fact: One of the first verses she contributed since starting to get attention was to a , and it was shit. :P Luckily she went on to better things.) And obviously people have been taking note of her stunning part in Monster on Kanye's new album. She's shot to fame fairly quickly, and is definitely a talented rapper/MC/whatever she is. The media have dubbed her the "GaGa" of hip-hop, possibly due to her image (which I'd bet is a construct of the record label tbh) and her eccentricity. But yeah. People's thoughts on the most hyped female musician of the last year? I enjoy her debut album, but it's certainly a suprise...it's got a lot more middling, radio-friendly (relatively) tracks than I'd have thoughts. I wanted more than tbh. There are some stunning tracks though and it's all very well produced. HATEURZ Thoughts?
  11. Nicki Minaj

    Buying it on Monday ugh. Ready. m' body is. I'm not expecting brilliance but I've heard fairly positive things (if not about the weird split-sound). She could've pulled a Beyonce and done 2 different short discs of two different sounds. But I think everyone knows CD's are dying so why not just slam it all on one? Lame.
  12. Well it was my tip, it might not apply to everyone. What do you want from me?!
  13. Yeah it's to keep the magic alive/interest up. I think it works. But can be annoying I guess, yeah. I experienced this first hand when my favourite Disney film, The Little Mermaid, wasnt available on VHS until 1998 (when it also had a cinema rerelease IIRC), having loved it since I can remember (always having to rent it). My mum told me about Disney's policy back then of releasing things for a little while, then taking them away.
  14. Just get with enough people in clubs and eventually you'll find out you actually have a connection with one beyond a night and hopefully it'll last for a significant amount of time. PAJ'S GREAT LIFE TIPS
  15. Funny Stuff Thread

    The list falls short with Nicki Minaj - of the others in the 00's-10's, yeah the ??? make some sense as they're all a bit "..." but Nicki Minaj is a rapper, been plying her trade for quite a few years, then hit the mainstream in 2010. She has a discernable 'talent' that granted her fame. Fail. But the others prior feel like a hall of fame of stun.
  16. What Have You Bought?

    £13 My body isn't ready. HMV had a deal for a M t-shirt for £10 when you bought the album but I have no more money.
  17. ... ... L-U-V MADONNA! Y-O-U YOU WANNA? I'll cease.
  18. She's almost TOO much of a topic though - it's best just to seek out the numerous Madonna forums and subforums across the web. I visit a few...there isn't enough interest on N-E I don't think. :p No room for fangasming over select performances from a certain tour etc. I'll leave you with this in my wake. Life.
  19. I always find it a bit like "lol wut?", as in genuine confusion when people who like a lot of pop singers haven't explored Madonna. Not in a snooty way, but as though it makes perfect sense that they should have already or something! Get on iiiiiit. And Madonna has THE spoken voice for song. I can listen to it for hours. A Madonna's-Spoken-Word-Is-Great Playlist... Justify My Love Erotica Waiting Secret Garden Goodbye To Innocence (Unreleased but seek it out, a stunner) Sanctuary Future Lovers Rescue Me Most of those reside among my fave Madonna tracks ever.
  20. Wow @ GGW making a new Madonna fan! Good I guess, but it's really quite a *lame* M song. The vocal = :/ Still weeping/moist for MDNA though, omg it's out Monday... But as a new Madonna fan you owe it to yourself to pick up AT LEAST The Immaculate Collection (the essential recordings 1983-1990), Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light, Music and Confessions on a Dancefloor. Or just Celebration, the comprehensive (but missing some of her best!) GH, which is like a fiver in HMV at the moment. But she's really worth delving into the albums for.
  21. The Death of Alcohol in Britain

    Yeah London prices make me cry/die. Wetherspoons is like the only place to find a pint under £3 / that I remember/can bear to go to.
  22. General Movie Thread

    Yeah because it was so derivative and didn't have enough time to really explore/have any interesting characters it felt like it should have been a TV show or something...I'd rather have seen in a TV show format, spread out over more episodes to let it gestate, or maybe become something more than lol.
  23. General Movie Thread

    WROTE A GIANT POST AND WAS DELETED. Saw Burlesque. Iconic, stunning, bad, but not laughably. The brainchild of someone who loves Chicago, Cabaret, Cher and Christina Aguilera. Love it. Aguilera's acting was actually perfectly fine! Didn't expect that - she did well. Cher's tranny air was everything. Voice, face, height. Love. I want to spin around a pole to the latter. Kristen Bell and Cher's scene in the carpark was life. I loved how every scene was lit in orange half-light. I aspire to this.
  24. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I'm like 9 months out of comics, but have read some selects tpbs in the library. Reread (forgot I'd read it all before actually, not that memorable a story) Bendis' heroic age Avengers. Eh. Read Young Avengers Ultimate Collection 1. Meh. What was the fuss about? Reading Neil Gaiman's Eternals and very much enjoying it.
  25. The Hunger Games

    NEver heard of the books before the film was being made. I'm curiously interested to see it though. Jennifer Lawrence + good reviews + lovely soundtrack = hmmmyes.