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  1. Forum User Photos

    Some things we are not meant to know.
  2. Cabin in the Woods

    I loved it. Go see it sluts. I love all the jokes.
  3. Forum User Photos

    I was trying to spell fancé, don't worry. Just breathe it all in, it'll begin to make sense soon. *places hand over bob's mouth, rendering him unconscious, as a nu-knowing pulses through him*
  4. Forum User Photos

    Me and Chairdriver and a friend of ours at another friend's fancé 21st.
  5. Forum Telephone Version 2.0

    Yeah I'll do it.
  6. My boyfriend is coming up to visit for the last few days of Easter before we go back to uni. Yes. He's apparently really scared (he's staying at my house...meeting parent/s for first time etc), and I do feel like knowing my (extended) family they'll come to snoop and pry. But I plan on never being in the house anyway.
  7. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I remember Shazam was always referred to as that in any promotional material he was ever in when I was young (outwith the comics). I always knew him as that. Is that something to do with Marvel's more popular/known Captain Marvel(s)?
  8. Hi-res official pic of Hathaway in costume.
  9. Lady Gaga

    It was the only one on Fame Monster that felt 'different' rather than just 'good pop'. I like it. It's terribly dull live though, like 11 minutes long and drawn out.
  10. Lady Gaga

    It's just way too long after the album release. Especially with the relative fizzling out of the last singles, she isn't in everyone's minds at the moment. I know she probably needed a year off touring to like recover (who wouldn't?) but it wasn't the ideal time period to take a break.
  11. Are you also screaming silently in anticipation for her new album? I still can't get over Tidal/her age when it was released/her face and views on life.
  12. Iron Man 3

    I love variation within conformity (this is one of my favourite concepts in life, however it is applied). I think I'll start reading Invincible Iron Man.
  13. Iron Man 3

    I'd rather see someone like Madame Masque than a 'silly' villain adapted, like Blizzard. We kinda already got that with Whiplash. Some of those kinda enemies could be minor roles or something.
  14. Iron Man 3

    I was never keen on the idea of Mandarin in the films as unless done very differently, it would still just end up as villain vs hero blah blah except he's magical. Not read Extremis but heard it's great and would make for a more interesting film storyline I would guess.
  15. Lady Gaga

    I can't go see her if she does only that London date...well if I go back to uni early I guess but meh. Would rather wait, I assume she'll do others.
  16. Took me a while to get into, but I'm poised.
  17. General Movie Thread

    I love the concept of an open house, for any and all. I'll come to your door all soaking wet one day, demanding sanctuary.
  18. Answered for you! Though you need to clarify on the hours online question - I assumed it was per day...?
  19. Delta Goodrem

    I'm loving the new song now! I really want it to be successful but I fear it won't be promoted over here.
  20. General Movie Thread

    I've seen The Matrix MAYBE twice, but effectively once. Probably. And like half of Reloaded. I want to watch the movies in a oner maybe. Meh. They seem a bit ...
  21. Delta Goodrem

    Think you mean Almost Here, and yeah I LOVE that. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm a huge Delta fan, she's so immaculate in every way. Like...imagine being a girl and having her face. You'd just know you were inherently great. I like all three of her albums, they all have their share of stunners. Interesting new single, a kinda mix of current popular sound and her own unique style, it's nice. I look foward to her new album, it's been YEARS.
  22. What Have You Bought?

    Thinking Of You is actually my favourite song by her! Should have been a bigger hit...
  23. What Have You Bought?

    All the singles are pretty on par for me, just pure pop, all solidly 8/10 in terms of sheer enjoyment. My fave album tracks are probs Hummingbird Heartbeat and yeah, Circle The Drain. I also have come to like Not Like The Movies more now too. My fave of the new songs is Wide Awake I think. I quite like the album now ends on a megamix thing, like recalling the highlights of the last hour you spent listening or something. I need to give One of the Boys another proper go, havent listened to that in full like...since it came out.
  24. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Yeah but that would achieve nothing. :awesome: They were all enjoyable but felt a bit like...all from the same stable of film...which makes sense as they all tie together, but I wasn't WOWed at all. They were all like 7/10 (with the remaining 3 not being negatives or anythig), but there wasn't anything truly exceptional about them, other than them not being bad like a lot of superhero films during the early years of Marvel films post X-Men. I expect the Avengers to be much the same feeling (perhaps slightly better maybe), nothing wrong at all, but nothing truly mouth-wateringomgI'mcumming or anything. Is it that they aren't comic book enough? Are they not serious enough? I have no idea. It's probably just me.