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  1. Benteke will be a huge waste of money. I really hope we don't sign him, more interested if we sign Bacca.


    I agree. I'm not totally sure he's our #1 target to be honest. I just have a feeling it may be a smokescreen and we are after someone else. :p

  2. I think i read somewhere that they've now delayed Arkham Knight on the PC, which makes it a first. Releasing a game, pulling it and delaying it until the Autumn so they can fix the issues in-game. That does indeed blow big time, i've never heard of a company do this*


    *Could be wrong, correct me if i am


    It was released completely broke and unplayable for most. People with £500+ gpus were getting stutters and just generally horrible performance.

  3. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:



    Rodgers spunking Liverpool's money down the drain again. £29m for him.. Last summer an extra £6m and being in London would have got you Alexis Sanchez!


    And how do we know he won't turn out better than Sanchez? Who knows? Ings might score 30 goals next season. Lovren might remember how to defend. Wilshere might work out how to stay fit.


    Who can say?

  4. Can you reload a save from earlier and try it again? Is it possible to leave the area and come back?


    I didn't realise the game kept multiple saves. Loaded up one just before and it works now. :)


    I love this game. Everything is just so well done, and it's incredible to think how much effort has gone into building this stunning world. You'd think a game of this size would have drops in quality, but there just isn't.


    It's actually quite sad that Wii U only gamers can't experience this masterpiece, as it's a a truly great accomplishment for gaming.

  5. Oh man, I've hit a bug and i can't progress.


    On the Payback quest. Chose to steal horses, and it's saying to calm them with Axii, and it's stuck on 2/3, yet all the horses have the Axii sign cast on them. Don't know what to do.





  6. The fact that you sang the praises of the difference between instalments thanks to boosters and jet packs says it all. Anyway it's been done to death. You guys think each COD is very different to the last, I and it seems others on here don't. Going in circles now.


    I'm not sure if you've answered this already, sorry if you have, but what was the last Call of Duty you played, out of curiosity?

  7. This is out really soon. I can't say that I'm pumped for it at all...


    I've still got soooo much to do in The Witcher that I don't care that much about this right now. If i'm done with The Witcher at launch i'll probably get it, but i doubt i will be.