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  1. Completed this last night and it has to go down as one of my favourite games ever! Most games these days I get around 3/4 of the way through and then just want them to end (even Far Cry 4 which I loved was like this), but with The Witcher 3 I was still doing secondary quests, hunting treasure and exploring right up until the end.


    The Baron lived and took his wife to the hills. I found the side quest with the tree spirit before starting the Baron quest and so didn't know the significance. Was gonna release the spirit but tricked him at the end and killed him


    Romanced Triss because redheads (and helped the mages escape Novigrad)


    Missed out on completing the Radovid assassination (even though I wanted to) because I 'forcefully shoved' Djikstra which apparently means 'punch to the ground and break his leg'. This means you can't carry on the quest line.


    Ciri survived and became a Witcher, although I really thought she was dead for a while in the epilogue!



    I'm now getting a few trophies and then gonna restart it on Death March difficulty to get the platinum - that's how much I loved it!


    I made all the same choices apart from the romance one.


    I romanced both and ended up all alone. :p


    I was gutted at the end when i thought Ciri was dead, but it was awesome that she was still alive. :)


  2. He really is...it's so clear to see. Stupid, stupid signing.


    Although I support Man Utd, I don't agree with the whole notion of bigger teams hoovering up any talent and leaving them to rot on the benches or reserves. If he's going to go there and be a first team player every single week, then fine. But, I can't see him getting into that team. Bench warmer for sure.


    Rodwell's signing was ridiculous and Everton were quite right to take the money and run. Don't think they rated him THAT highly, tbh.


    I can understand it a little. In the sense that they're showing ambition and trying to break into one of the best teams in the league, but it's just a huge risk.

  3. Some fool was stepping on my turf, caught me from behind and cuffed me to a railing dawg! Obviously can't handle the OG that is Wocky Kitaki runnning loose, heh.


    I was redirected to you, and took some handcuffs off you. Said nothing about you being handcuffed up?

  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm in the n-e steam group if you can see me there?


    Yeah I have people I can talk to, but I'm not that comfortable talking to someone face to face, I never have been about anything really, just how I am I guess.


    I think being in hospital forces me to think about it, and with the lack of distractions, I can't help it. I think I'm going home tomorrow, so that might be better.


    I've felt like I've handled it really well up until the last few weeks, I don't know what has changed that has changed how I'm thinking.

  5. Long story short. I was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer April last year. Since then I've had months of chemo and had my right leg amputated above the knee. Past month I've had two ops, one on each lung to remove as much of it as possible. I've been in hospital for the last 10 days and it's just really got to me recently. I just can't stop myself thinking that it might not be ok.