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  1. I know he's had a few bad seasons, but he was great before going to Bayern and I still think there's a good player there.


    It's slightly surreal because, even though he's not been in great form, it's still strange seeing that Stoke have managed to bag him. It's an amazing coup on their behalf.


    Oh yeah, he's brilliant for Stoke. It's just odd that one of the top 6 weren't in for him. He took weeks to decide whether he wanted to join Stoke, so he may have been waiting for a better team.

  2. Everything's working perfect for me, literally not one problem.


    It's really nice. It's quick and smooth. I've even started using Edge, it's a good browser. Light on features, but really quick.

  3. Night 1 - Sheikah - Didn't have anything to steal, because he might have got mad.

    Night 2 - DuD - Freaked out by shadow, ended up targeting Rummy. Took some handcuffs.

    Night 3 - Sprout - Music stopped me.

    Night 4 - Nobody

    Night 5 - The Peeps - Already said what I found.

    Night 6 - Dannyboy - Took his lawyer badge. Guess that was all I could get since he was killed by someone.


    There's all my targets. You're wasting your time pushing me, it's clear as day I'm good. I've been open all game.


    Also going to Vote - Sheikah

  4. I wouldn't expect it on PS4 any time soon, Xbox are heavily invested in it atm.


    No Man's Sky is a very different game. It's more arcadey and basic. Elite Dangerous is more of a realistic simulator with what seems like 10x more depth.


    I find it hard to accept that Elite is a 'realistic simulator' since humans haven't done what you can do in that game. :p

  5. I'll look for a let's play if there's a game I'm thinking of buying but not 100% sure I'll like it. I usually have a much better idea after watching a good let's play. Even if a game reviews bad, I trust my judgement after watching one.

  6. Top 6








    Bottom 3





    FA Cup winner



    League Cup winner



    Champions League winner

    Barcelona again


    Top PL scorer