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  1. It's an absolute joke. Liverpool have pulled another point out of the bag because of poor decisions. I can't stand that the main talking point, game after game, is poor decisions from linesman.


    Arsenal should probably also have had a penalty for a foul on Giroud but that's a different debate.


    Both teams should have had a penalty and both teams had dodgy linesman decisions. It's not like we've fluked the result, we totally dominated the first half and hit the post twice.

  2. So, Arsenal scored a good goal and the final result was 0-0.


    Why do we watch this crap? Seriously, this needs looking at as it's getting beyond a joke now.


    Honestly, I think refereeing has been poor for years. There was a few wrongly called offsides tonight alone, and 2 penalties. I hate it as much as you do, but it's just how it is.

  3. We should've won, because we were the only team who got the ball in the net! Cech saved us, but Liverpool were saved by the linesman yet again.


    Scoring goals at home seems to be a problem at the moment...


    Benteke was put in 1on1 and wrongly flagged offside, he could have scored that. :p


    I think both sides did things well at times, but both passed sloppily as H-o-T said above.


    I love how solid we look at the back though, we really looked organised for once, which is good to see. Looks like the backroom changes have helped things.


    Can't believe i've forgotten to mention Joe Gomez. He's 18 and been shoved into Liverpools starting 11 out of position and is playing incredibly well. Superb talent.

  4. It was a fantastic game and a draw is a fair result. We hammered them first half and they did the 2nd half. Both teams should have had penalties and offside calls not flagged.


    Still, 3 clean sheets and 7 points, hard to complain.


    Oh, and Coutinho is magical. :)

  5. That bottom group is totally up for grabs. Luminosity played well against good teams, and the other two are solid teams.


    Can't believe Cloud9 lost that, they should have won it. Maikelele played a great game.

  6. We played our best football when we played the diamond. I'd not mind at all if we reverted back to that and lined up like this. Firmino has played quite alot up front so this could work definitely.



    Clyne Skrtel Lovren Gomez


    Milner Henderson


    Firmino Bentekkers