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  1. I'm just glad I didn't log on yesterday!


    @MadDog, glad to hear you're okay. Unfortunately Liverpool only managed a draw last night which you may have missed!


    I was checking the score unfortunately, we kinda suck atm. :(


    Heads aching abit today, apparently it's normal so that's good.


    Thanks again for all your lovely messages. :)

  2. Thank you all so my much. :heart:


    Had the op this morning and was awake and feeling well a few hours ago, honestly so amazed I'm feeling pretty normal after a big operation. I just feel really glad and happy that this bit has been done. :D


    Love you guys xxx

  3. I've been having a headache for the last week or two and I've been in and out of hospital twice, they've found some cancer deposits in my brain and they want to operate tomorrow. Obviously there's risks involved, but they're really small. Love you all. :heart:

  4. Having a very mixed week.


    So I've been offered a dream job, only as a freelancer but I'm extremely happy about it. Just have to wait a while for all the details to work out, but that's fine.


    However, the same day, one of the new people meant to be moving into my flat in two weeks had to pull out, so I've frantically been trying to fill the room before I go on holiday on Saturday. Will be fine, got some good sounding people coming to view, but is a stress that I could be doing without.


    Amazon have been pissing me off too. Ordered a new camera lens to take to Cyprus, as I'm photographing my cousin's wedding out there. Selected local pickup, up to 2 business days. Ordered Tuesday. Estimated delivery next Monday. The tracking says it's in bloody Germany. That's not two business days. Went through about 5 live chat people before getting them to send me one out with Express Delivery, so it'll be here tomorrow, and knocked £15 off the price, with the original order refunded. Sorted, but wasted too much of my time.


    Worst news this week. One of my best friends is suffering from bile duct cancer. Probably the worst kind you can get. I've spent quite a bit of time at the hospital with him in the last few weeks, things were looking quite hopeful - it was localised and they were going to remove half of his liver this week. They found another tumour in the supposedly healthy part he was going to keep. That's been removed, he's being moved back to Southampton soon for chemo, but that's for palliative reasons and it's unclear whether he'll be able to have the original tumour removed now he's had even more of his liver chopped off. Really scared for him, he's been one of my closest friends for almost 20 years :(


    That's terrible, I really hope your friend is ok and makes a full recovery. :(

  5. I had a CT scan a week or two ago, just to see how things were looking.


    Had the clinic appointment yesterday and i was certain that they'd want me to have more chemo, they mentioned that at my last appointment, so i was dreading the whole thing. Turns out they feel like everythings ok for now and i go back for another scan in 2 months.


    I was just so relieved and happy that i won't have to go back right now. I'm prepared to undergo more chemo in the future, because it's likely i will at some point, but it feels good to hear that it's not needed right now. :)


    And Tom Brady got his ban overturned. :D

  6. Story wise, wouldn't I be completely lost? Is it like the witcher? I never played any of them before, but I still loved it.


    Yeah, you could be a little lost. Did you download Ground Zeroes when it was on PS+? That does a decent job of filling you in on the story so far and then the end of that leads into this game.


    Yeah I've got Ground Zeroes on my PS account.


    Is it like a prequel or something? Is the gameplay similar to Phantom Pain?

  7. I'm not sure if you ever browse the official LFC forums but Rodgers gets blamed for everything by quite a number of people on there.. even if most of them are idiots :indeed:


    I miss the SAS :cry:


    I have the forums open in another tab right this second, i check it pretty much every day. :p


    There's alot of idiots on there, but there's also alot who put good points forward and talk abit of sense.

  8. It's amazing how one bad result can help paint a different perspective for the start of our season.


    After the game on Monday night against Arsenal, I was feeling pretty good about 7 points from the opening 3 fixtures and 0 goals conceded. Now, our goal difference is -1 after 4 games and you start to think about how it took a brilliant shot to beat Stoke, a disallowed goal and a wrong offside call against Bournemouth to get the better of them and then another disallowed goal from Arsenal.. :shakehead


    I'm just about to watch the highlights now after getting home from work. I'd definitely have taken 7 points from the first 4 games once the fixtures were revealed but it doesn't feel particularly great right now :blank:


    I know what you mean. Rodgers is under so much pressure, there's Liverpool fans left right and centre wanting him sacked after that loss.


    To be honest, if Klopp or Ancelotti would accept the job, i'd love for one of them to come in.

  9. He was reminding everyone that Sakho should be in the starting 11 :heh:


    In fairness, I haven't seen the game but I'm not surprised by the outcome, unfortunately. Losing Coutinho will rip the creativity out of us for the United game :hmm: It'll be long balls to Benteke for 90 minutes..


    Well we did pay £29m for Firmino so i hope to see some of his creativity. :p


    I guess Ibe or Lallana will come in, and i have faith in both of them, so we still can go there and win the game.

  10. Lol, FFP. It was bullshit and not really thought through properly.


    They have overpaid for both De Bruyne and Sterling, but the cost of players (particularly the upper tier) is rising. We'll surpass the £100m mark for a footballer really soon, and quite comfortably, I imagine. Maybe even £120m within the next few years.


    Look at how much Chelsea are offering for John Stones. :blank:


    He's played 4 times for England and he's going to cost £40m~. It's crazy. It's nearly as stupid as us paying £35m for Carroll. :p