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  1. Batman: Arkham Knight

    I've still got soooo much to do in The Witcher that I don't care that much about this right now. If i'm done with The Witcher at launch i'll probably get it, but i doubt i will be.
  2. Splatoon

    I think the game is abit basic and thin on content, but it's still very fun. I've certainly started enjoying it alot more.
  3. Football Season 2014/2015

    Is there any alternatives? Everyone on that pitch for both sides were shite.
  4. Football Season 2014/2015

    That was never a pen for Juve. He literally had his hand resting on him, he didn't have hold of his shirt. He went down looking for it.
  5. Football Season 2014/2015

    So happy Barca won. Very well deserved, they were easily the best team on the day. I just had no doubts they'd get the win in the end even after Juve scored.
  6. What should I play this weekend?

    I'd say Dead Space aswell. It's shorter than the rest, and should be good for a few days.
  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    1.05 is up on GOG. Downloading all 289mb now.
  8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Thanks guys. This game is just so huge. I put off going to Skellige for ages, because i wanted to do most of Velen first. I still have about 25 secondary quests and contracts to do in Velen, but i wanted to progress the main story more. It's a very, very special game.
  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Once i got to Skellige, am i able to freely travel back to Velen when i wish?
  10. Splatoon

    Got to level 4 and I'm pretty underwhelmed. The shooting just feels poor to me. It's quite good fun, maybe I'll like it abit more when I've unlocked some more weapons.
  11. Splatoon

    Finally get round to playing this and I get a communication error first game. Add me so I have people to play with. :p MadDog91UK
  12. Best memories of the PS4 so far

  13. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    You can auto ride Roach? What.
  14. Football Season 2014/2015

    Brilliant that he's going, hopefully someone can start cleaning fifa of corruption.
  15. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Whey! It's worth buying a PS4 just for those two games, nevermind the other great titles. Fantastic price aswell. 😊
  16. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    The price will have certainly helped Splatoon sales. I guess many people were like me and thought it was worth a punt at such a good price.
  17. Football Season 2014/2015

    A prestigious honour that Jamie Vardy cherishes I'm sure.
  18. Football Season 2014/2015

    It was in a cup final, it wasn't a pointless league game where the other team might roll over. He's done stuff like that against the best teams in the world, consistently.
  19. Amiibo: General grievances thread

    All I want is a zero suit samus, wonder when they'll be available. They're no way Nintendo are doing all the can. How can something like this happen to a company as big as Nintendo? Baffles me.
  20. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Elsa? :p I'd say Yennefer is the most attractive. Or maybe Triss. It's hard. Not in that way.
  21. Football Season 2014/2015

    How is it not a proper league though? The Spanish teams do well in Europe, especially in the europa league.
  22. Football Season 2014/2015

    Torres, Aguero, Michael Owen and many more did the opposite. It's all about the style of football, it's different therefore it can not suit players.
  23. Amiibo: General grievances thread

    You could actually buy Bloodborne with blood. :p
  24. Football Season 2014/2015

    I assume you're joking. Right?