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  1. Football Season 2015/16

    Absolute shambles from us. Gomez and Lovren were bad for the first two goals. What the fuck was Lovren doing? Gutted Coutinho is out for United.
  2. Football Season 2015/16

    Why do the media say you need another striker? Isn't Giroud good enough? He's no Aguero or Costa, but he's still a good player who has a good record at Arsenal. Maybe more depth needed?
  3. Football Season 2015/16

    He's played 4 times for England and he's going to cost £40m~. It's crazy. It's nearly as stupid as us paying £35m for Carroll. :p
  4. Kerbal Space Program

    Well yeah, it will be quite simple on the Wii U, but for the X1 it'll be hard to get right.
  5. Kerbal Space Program

    It'll be interesting to see how it works on consoles, as I can't think of an intuitive way of making it work well. It really requires a mouse and keyboard, but they'll probably prove me wrong. :p
  6. What Have You Bought?

    I downloaded that last night, haven't had a listen yet.
  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    I've got 2 codes if anyone wants them, i think they're for PC only, though.
  8. Football Season 2015/16

    Villa vs Birmingham aswell. Nice draw for us, Carlisle at home will be comfortable. Hopefully. :p
  9. Football Season 2015/16

    Both teams should have had a penalty and both teams had dodgy linesman decisions. It's not like we've fluked the result, we totally dominated the first half and hit the post twice.
  10. Football Season 2015/16

    Honestly, I think refereeing has been poor for years. There was a few wrongly called offsides tonight alone, and 2 penalties. I hate it as much as you do, but it's just how it is.
  11. Football Season 2015/16

    Benteke was put in 1on1 and wrongly flagged offside, he could have scored that. :p I think both sides did things well at times, but both passed sloppily as H-o-T said above. I love how solid we look at the back though, we really looked organised for once, which is good to see. Looks like the backroom changes have helped things. Can't believe i've forgotten to mention Joe Gomez. He's 18 and been shoved into Liverpools starting 11 out of position and is playing incredibly well. Superb talent.
  12. Football Season 2015/16

    It was a fantastic game and a draw is a fair result. We hammered them first half and they did the 2nd half. Both teams should have had penalties and offside calls not flagged. Still, 3 clean sheets and 7 points, hard to complain. Oh, and Coutinho is magical.
  13. Football Season 2015/16

    Realistically, where do you feel you can finish?
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I'll just wait for the PC one to try it. I just can't play shooters with a pad anymore. :p
  15. What Have You Bought?

    Can't wait.
  16. PC Gaming Discussion

    That bottom group is totally up for grabs. Luminosity played well against good teams, and the other two are solid teams. Can't believe Cloud9 lost that, they should have won it. Maikelele played a great game.
  17. PC Gaming Discussion

    Anyone been watching ESL Cologne? Didn't think it'd be worth starting a new thread. Been some really good games so far. I'm rooting for Cloud9 and NiP. Envy look strong, and obviously fnatic.
  18. Bloodborne

    I got to the 3 hunters bit and just couldn't even kill one, so gave up for a while. Went back in a few days ago and realised you can just miss them completely. :p
  19. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    For me, Uncharted is much much better. I just couldn't get into TLoU.
  20. Football Season 2015/16

    I'm sure they've given offside in the past when a player has attempted to touch the ball or has maybe been in the goalkeepers eyeline. Is it just me?
  21. Football Season 2015/16

    I'm sure it's always been the same, in that if a player is influencing play in an offside position, he's offside. Has the rule even changed?
  22. Football Season 2015/16

    I'm sure I saw somewhere that Henderson is 3rd in assists for the past couple of years. He's important to our team.
  23. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    We'll see you again in a couple of months. :p
  24. Football Season 2015/16

    We played our best football when we played the diamond. I'd not mind at all if we reverted back to that and lined up like this. Firmino has played quite alot up front so this could work definitely. Mignolet Clyne Skrtel Lovren Gomez Can Milner Henderson Coutinho Firmino Bentekkers
  25. Football Season 2015/16

    Not sure it was lucky, we were probably the better team over the full 90 mins and had a few great chances. We just fought hard and defended well.