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  1. What is your worst fear?

    To be blind and deaf :(:(
  2. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Hmmm,hadnt thought that it might be a trap.....
  3. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Change Vote:gaggle64
  4. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Im just sticking up for a innocent person. He is good.Eenuh must have made a mistake or is bad
  5. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Yes,in the PM that chair sent out to everyone
  6. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Were friends and we can communicate outside the game.
  7. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Guilty of what?
  8. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Change Vote:Eenuh He lieing
  9. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Im his friend and i promise you all hes good
  10. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Vote:Nobody Nothing.
  11. Next Week 4 Games In 1 Day.

    I wont be buying any :P But if i had to pick id pick Ghost Squad
  12. Mafia Game #5 Sign-ups - N-Europe member war

    I have not got mine yet either
  13. Football Season 2007/2008

    I cant believe Big Sam has left Newcastle He was under alot of pressure from everyone one but i just don't think he was given enough time.
  14. Hi, Can anyone recommend any good driving games for the PC. I would like Test Drive Unlimited but it wont run on my PC, so im looking for a similar game to that. Thanks for the help
  15. Racing Games Recommendations?

    Ive played trackmania nations, the free one, and i didn't like it too much :S
  16. Next Wii game you are getting

    I`m hoping its Guitar Hero 3
  17. How was your day?

    My day wasnt the best. Went to the hospital to see my nanna and grandad, who was taken last night with pneumonia:(.
  18. Racing Games Recommendations?

    Thanks for the suggestions Im thinking of getting RACE 07 looks pretty good Where did you buy it from and how much was it?
  19. Rate the last film you saw

    Inside Man Good film and great storyline. Great ending aswell 8.5/10
  20. Rate the last game you played

    Test Drive Unlimited-PS2 Really good game,never gets boring and so much to do 9.5/10 Excellent
  21. The Ultimate Question

    I would so easily go for the 360. theres alot of games i want to play on the 360 and none for the PS3. Also the ps3 is much more costly than the 360 Thats why i would go for the 360
  22. Post Your Purchases

    I got Inside Man for christmas but i havnt watched it yet