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  1. What Have You Bought?

  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Be sure to set your PS4 as the primary console when logged into the US account to play it on your UK account.
  3. Bloodborne

  4. Football Season 2014/2015

    @dazzybee Don't you wish you still had Tim Sherwood, eh?
  5. Bloodborne

  6. Wii U General Discussion

    The Nintendo fanboys remind me of One Direction fangirls. They just can't comprehend that people have different opinions, and think what they're doing is rubbish. Just for the record I'm very happy with my Wii U.
  7. Bloodborne

  8. Bloodborne

  9. Bloodborne

  10. Wii U General Discussion

    But there's more than just remasters. They're great for people who didn't have a PS3. Drive club, Bloodborne, infamous, the order, killzone is a decent list, and there's loads I've missed. Not to mention that the PS4 versions of multiplat games are always the best to buy.
  11. Wii U General Discussion

    The PS4 came out a year later, and already has a library on par with the Wii U in my opinion.
  12. Bloodborne

  13. Wii U General Discussion

    It's hilarious how hostile and defensive people get when they disagree with someone who has a different opinion on gaming than themselves. I just enjoy reading this thread.
  14. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Just started mine. Looking at about 2 hours 30 mins download time.
  15. Bloodborne

    And I read you can only use it 3 times on his first form and once on his second form.
  16. Bloodborne

  17. Drive Club

    Looks awful on Twitter.
  18. Drive Club

    How do you guys take screenshots? I uploaded one to Twitter but the quality sucks.
  19. Football Season 2014/2015

    Charlie Adam goal here. Stunning goal.
  20. Football Season 2014/2015

    I meant before your actual first goal, Markovic messed up that easy square ball to Sterling, and Sterling was 1on1 with the keeper and got wrongfully ruled offside. Both happened at 0-0. Makes no different anyway, we were poor, Arsenal were miles better.
  21. Football Season 2014/2015

    We should have scored well before Arsenal did. It's no excuse though, we were shite throughout.
  22. Bloodborne

    I think I'm pretty average at games in general and I haven't found this anger-inducingly hard. Very challenging at times, but oh so rewarding.
  23. Football Season 2014/2015

    5 points is hardly impossible. :p
  24. Bloodborne

    Finally beat the 2nd boss, and did it by only using a single blood vial. Best PS4 game easily (until Uncharted comes out...)