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  1. The Last Guardian

    So it happend.. the game that is going to make me buy a ps3.. I never thought it would happen
  2. Fallout 3

    well when I found dogmeat I was happy (by pure "accident")... about 5 minutes later i got the message "Dogmeat is dead".. wtf?? I didn't even notice he was missing.. I thought about it and just carried on.. i couldnt see the point in playing babysitter for that dog.. but now people can just get that puppy perk (if they get the dlc that is)
  3. NEW MGS

    I wonder how many hours of cutscenes it will contain?
  4. Assassin's Creed 2

    i very much enjoyed the first one.. sneakink up on your victim and using the hidden blad.. and later trying the same but ending up hunting your victim all over the place and having to fight hordes of guards.. and then RUN AWAY!!! across the roof tops..
  5. Rate the last film you saw

    He fixes the cable? Just saw Sweeney Todd.. and it was a bit more dark than I had expected, and the singing does tend to get a bit long winded.. 8/10 i would say
  6. Dead Space

    hammered through on normal yesterday to get the "one weapon" ach.. now im going through on IMpossible... which it is not.. but you have to plan and conserve ammo.. and don't let them touch you ahhhh.. got the achievement for going through on impossible.. only to discover that i missed one of the easier ones.. buying all the weapons.. an older save "saved" me.. 1000/1000.. the only bad thing i can say about this game is the camera when you get knocked down.. it sometimes turns around and is facing away from the action when you get up.. it was a bit annoying during the fight with the boss in the food storage.. but still peanuts.. this game is in my top 3 on the xbox
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    so my xbox died.. gave me some weird graphics on dead space.. tried another game.. the same here.. then i got some 74 error.. scart cable or chip fucked.. but called MS and they are mailing me some adr lables. good thing I have my backup xbox.. the one that kept giving me "disc dirty or damaged".. but now that you can play from the harddrive that shouldnt be a problem..
  8. Dead Space

    yes Kendra.. i KNOW there isnt much time but if you and everybody else would just stfu i would have plenty of time
  9. Dead Space

    yeah well should have put it in another way.. Im not that interested in going through the game one more time just for that achivement.. I use the plasma cutter all the time as it rocks.. just need to upgrade my last weapon now and the achivement should be mine... maybe ill go for "peng"..
  10. Who Here Actually Owns A Wii?

    Got mine on launchday... and now with Mad World coming up im finally going to use it again
  11. MadWorld

    well since I saw the forst footage of this I knew i was going to buy it no matter what the reviews said.. ahhhh can't wait
  12. Subtitled Films

    Love the Ghibli movies and after Chihiro they are now available here in my little country.. only problem is that we don't have a long tradition for dubbing movies.. and with cartoons "that are only for children" they choose f****** children for some of the parts making watching it dubbed unbearable.. So I watch them all with the original language with subtitles
  13. A Boy And His Blob

    and you can play it online as a flash game.. the original in a emulator in your browser.. wont post link as it's probably a bit illegal
  14. Dead Space

    great game.. finished it on normal.. Will let it rest for a while and then go back for some of the achivements.. minus the "complete the game using only the plasma cutter".. no thanks.. I don't have that much free time.. Didn't have that much trouble with the bosses and the only one that killed me was the last one.. and NO.. im not going through on harder levels, then I would imagine they could be pretty bad
  15. Dead Space

    finally got round to play this and it's f****** awesome.. was a bit annoyed by some of the secondary firing of the weapons.. like the pulse rifle.. untill i got rushed in a cramped space by 4 monsters.. was about to give up and reload when i remembered the 360 overhead sweep.. tried it and it tore them to shreds
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    REZ.. god yes!! Ikaruga.. urgh.. reminds me how crap I am.. for people with endless patience.. I have none
  17. well im guessing that the wii just not has the horse power to handle more zombies on screen.. but damn.. your couldnt even get caught in a swarm if you tried
  18. MadWorld

    ahh puberty music.. Yes looking forward to this game.. as some said.. finally time to blow the dust off the Wii
  19. Wii General Discussion

    damn... I thought the .8 was an error... a game that actually scores 0.8 over at IGN http://wii.ign.com/articles/953/953363p1.html i have never seen that before
  20. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    ahh Im nearing the end.. Have unlocked the door to spiral mountain.. Have been collecting the last few Achivements.. the one I can bother with that is.. Collect every jiggy im not going to (yoda).. because that means getting every trophy and thats just too annoying.. got to that race in jiggyseum where you get a penality for knocking down those dominos.. I have not yet completed that course... i keep falling off that path high up.. and what are the chances of me getting the trophy then..
  21. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    damn.. yes. I remember finally getting through that part and.. FALLING of the ladder and dying.. luckily I didnt have to do the whole Silo again.. just the last bit
  22. Zack & Wiki

    I got put off it because my first Wii mote was bust.. made those "music mini games" unplayable.. but ill play this again at some time.. love it
  23. Fallout 3

    sure thing.. think theres a bobblehead there.. That's what I went for in the first place.. and I was pretty "green" when I did it so i had a pretty hard time getting through that place
  24. Fallout 3

    ahhh finished my 4 playthrough yesterday.. Finally got 1000 points (achivement whore)... was a bit stuck with the speech ach. but I remembered reading about a glitch.. and sure enough... I felt a bit rotten about that but I just didnt want to spend another 10 hours running around finding all those speech challenges.. I will get the DLC at some point.. and then I will play through the game with meele weapons as my primary.. the only one I havent tried... also I keep on finding stupid things that have me laughing on the floor.. like opening the cell where Red is held captive.. and then zapping her with the mezz gun and putting a slave collar on her.. It just gets me every time.. cough
  25. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I havent touched this game for a very long time.. think it had to do with some checkpoint that "was missing".. I kept getting killed and just got so pissed that I had to "do it all over again" that I put the game aside for good