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  1. Bought it, it is great so far. going through the albums to unlock better stuff to create my own stages. :)


    As I'm in the middle of creating one now but it looks a bit sparse. :D


    The user content is the familar mixture of the great and pointless, what a relaxing game though. :grin:

  2. OH MY GLOB.


    I 100% watch it! :yay:


    Thank you for the recommendation Ashley, you are correct it's definitely something I love. :bouncy:


    My favourite episode is the Jiggler as they absolutely destroy that thing and the episode gets quite dark when they think they've killed it. It cracks me up EVERYTIME. :awesome:


    It also helps that there are no creepy Adventuronies who draw porn of the main characters and talk about how cute Jake is.


    There is it's as disturbing as you imagine but not as disturbing as Pinecest which is Dipper and Mabel shipping from Gravity Falls. : peace:


    I estimate a 99% chance that he already watches it. :heh:


    If it's a cartoon I watch it. :grin:


    I even made a thread about Modern Cartoons:




    weirdly around this time last year. :)


    Watching Cartoons are part of my daily routine and I watch them when I wake up in the morning before I do anything else. I'm currently enjoying Fosters home for imaginary friends again. :D


    I did post a video on his wall and his reaction made me think he didn't watch it, but he is an international person of mystery. I'd guess he just found the gif through Tumblr, it's how I discovered the show.


    I found that particular gif Retro Link through tumblr (for ease of use) but I have made gifs of my own:




    That was like the second gif I ever made, I was such a n00b back then. :heh:


    I discovered Adventure Time when it first aired as I'm always looking for new shows to watch.


    However, I had not heard the Bacon Pancake song before, so thank you! :smile: nor had I watched that particular episode it comes from before and was shocked to find myself behind but I soon rectified the situation.



    True, you never know with Coolness. It just seems like he watches every animated show he can get his paws on.


    Speaking of Coolness, he has a Gravity Falls avatar, so it'd be great if he could confirm/deny if it's any good.


    That's assuming he watches it, of course. :p


    I have watched the entirety of Assy Mcgee so yes I watch any cartoon I get my paws on. :santa:


    Gravity Falls is awesome. It's catering for the adult demographic as well as the kids again as the people who make these shows know adults will watch them. So it's got that quirkiness about it as well as a great mystery setting which offers an interesting premise rather than your bog standard cartoon.


    That and Kristen Schaal voices Mabel who I :heart: that is the reason I started watching this. (and Bob's Burgers) Also who doesn't love vomiting gnome rainbows?



  3. I haven't watched Cars 2 either, but maybe I should make sure to watch it before Brave so I'll appreciate that movie more.


    To be fair you've watched like 3 movies in total. :p


    Cars was surprisingly good for me after I had heard all the negativity and Cars 2 is just pure fun, not as good though it has to be said.


    Then I am a massive fan of Pixar (and animated film) in general but people expect them to knock out the park every time as they have built up the reputation that will be impossible to uphold for everyone. There is still a distinct clear quality between and other outputs I love their creativity and although a fair few sequels/prequels are cropping up now, who's to blame them? They have made great out put and there are some exciting new IPs on the way. I'm only dubious about Toy Story 4.


    I have not seen Brave yet (Super excited) because I can see it for free in a weeks time so I am a little anxious as I have enjoyed all their movie's so far. The animation looks gorgeous though. (as is Cars 2 on Bluray)


    ...unsure where my point is

  4. What I have watched recently:


    Two Years At Sea.


    An absolutely breathtaking film which focuses on the solitary life of an oldman who lives in the scottish wilderness. 88 minutes of one character and no dialogue. The grainy black and white aesthetic only adds to it and aside from some odd folksy songs he plays you are just listening to silence and nature go on around him as you see his day unravel in his no worries life style.


    It's a gripping watch even though there is no narrative to speak of, it encapsulates perfectly what it means for us to exist.


    The Cat Returns:


    Cats, basically. An abundance of cats. Fun idea but feels under developed. (still great though)


    Ice Age 4: Continental shift.


    Better than 2 worse than 1 and 3. It is still enjoyable but lacks a bit of the charm from the others and the plot is paper thin.


    North By Northwest:


    Not really a fan of Hitchcock but I got a chance to see this on the big screen that I wasn't going to pass up. A good adventure romp nothing more/nothing less. It was also funnier than I was expecting. Great action sequences.


    The ending is hilarious. (not in a good way)


    Pure spectacle, there is no denying his craftsmenship. Might see some of his lesser works next week in the cinema as well.


    Freddy Got Fingered


    Ahead of its time and crap. DADDY WOULD YOU LIKE SOME SAUSAGES!?


    Werner Herzog Eats His Own Shoe:


    Mental, Bizarre definitely worth a look at only 20 minutes long. More shoes, more boots, more garlic!


    Meet The Robinsons


    A bit short in its length but a well crafted story if you ignore the time loop holes.




  5. I study languages (French, German, Italian) at university and it's such an amazing thing. It's odd, you find yourself on the edge of becoming another person when you do not speak your native tongue. Like, I use different mannerisms & feel different when speaking different languages [\schizophrenic]


    Shizophrenia isn't linked with having different personalities/becoming another person that would be DID, a Dissociative Identity Disorder now there's your multiple personality disorder!


    Just wanted to say now so that you use it correctly in court.





    I saw it (for free) yesterday.


    Yeah that was poor movie. :p


    The Bad Stuff:


    I thought Andrew Garfield would have been better but he was too twitchy as a human being and man is he an ugly crier. So distracting.


    I laughed a lot as there were some absolutely awful lines/awkward acting.


    Every time The Lizard appeared it just ramped up the comical nature of the entire film.


    Such a terrible villain/poorly designed. His overall plan was so lame and underdeveloped.


    Any movie that advertises Bing, I'm out. Just no.


    The Cop father is not the Mayor of Tokyo but it was obvious he was gonna die (and when he did it was lulz)


    Dat crane scene, YES! You may as well it fits in with the rest of the nonsense. By the end I was just like yeah go for it.


    I really thought it was gonna take a dark turn and kill that child in a blazing fire, that whole scene had a darker tone that I craved for in the rest of the movie and didn't really fit in.


    The Good Stuff:


    Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

    The interactions between her and Peter Parker were cheeky.

    Him having her as his background and getting called out as an intense perv. GO UNCLE BEN.

    He felt much more like Peter Parker/Spiderman with his quick quips and chattiness whilst fighting.

    The Lizard appearing in school/Fight scene. Solid work was done.

    Stan Lee.

    Web Shooters, web design I liked.

    How he got his powers also much better grounded.

    Discovering his powers were just well shot/thought out scenes.



    The 3D was non existant.



  7. Hmm, HMMM!


    ..yeah go on I'll watch it. I love les Miserable having seen the musical 4 times so I'm a bit tentative at how this will turn out but it would translate well to a movie.


    Hopefully better than the Phantom Of The Opera movie which was so poor.


    I watched:


    The Lorax.



    Which needed more of the GODDAMN Lorax.



    Illuminati animations step UP your game.


    Having Despicable Me, Hop and The Lorax under your animation belt is not something to be proud of. :p