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  1. I recommend Chess.com. :) I use it for casual play whilst usually doing something else as you don't have to fully concentrate on the game. I prefer playing it with an actual board but I do enjoy the lack of human presence online as I find that part a bit awkward. :p (especially when people watch.)


    @Oxigen_Waste thanks for the board gams link. :) Been looking for Zertz for a while I played it like 3 times when I was in a board game society but couldn't remember the name.

  2. amour-2.jpg


    Amour | Michael Haneke (2012)


    This film has broken me as a human. A harrowing but excellent film that I do not need to see again for a while.


    The best film I have seen this year by miles. Second place being taken by another french film Holy Motors.


    Well done France.

  3. 51071dvVw5L.jpg


    It is absolutely gorgeous. Most amazing box set I've ever seen. Even just the sheer size of it took me by surprise, and the quality of the box itself is top notch. The volume of content is obviously also phenomenal, and it even took me a while to discover all the hidden compartments!


    Awesome. :grin:DO WANT.


    That boxset looks mentally good. :) It looks great to own for a rainy day where you are doing nothing and you are in the mood to blast through all eight movies in one go especially in Bluray! :D


    Do you have a favourite film? or an order of your fave to your least fave? :smile:


    My top 3: Prisoner of Azkaban, Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Philospher's Stone. :heh:

  4. The other day whilst meditating I returned to my physical body so all is well. :grin:


    I had a delicious meal yesterday in London. Cauliflower soup with Parmasan cheese and then like pork on mash. (all this was put much nicer and in french on the menu :heh:)


    I also got a new camera so I can take pictures on my travels which is in 18 days time. :D

  5. No one Sword Art Online watching? Hmm...


    I just finished watching up to the break point, it's sweet.


    I just caught up yesterday because people were amazed by episode 14. Episode 14 is good and has kept me intrigued but leading up to that point the show was a bit of a mess, enjoyable (and beautifully animated) but not all that coherent story wise which made this episode lack an emotional kick behind it but I'm glad for this switch up in formula as they were sort of floundering a bit in the MMORPG. :) A good idea not fully realised to its full potential.


    I accidentally saw what is coming next and I'm left a bit meh. :heh:

  6. Top nonsense. :D


    The first 1/3 is good with the initial concept set up but then it gets incredibly weak/silly by it's final act (bar the solid ending) Some parts were just so amusing. (like when the kid fell down the stairs, lulz) I like how it explicitly stated that they weren't going to mess about with time travel so I was okay with it not thinking about or taking in time travel "theories" and just excepting it for what it was going to do but I felt the story glossed over anything that would have actually been exciting to ponder or think about.


    I think JGL and Bruce Willis were miscast and felt uncomfortable in their roles, I wasn't feeling it to be honest. I wanted there to be a bigger dynamic between the two but they were separate for most of the film, maybe that is refreshing? The moral question about whether you should kill a kid before it's has a chance to be evil was great but ultimately under explored and replaced with the out of place Bruce Willis fan service sequence where they just get him to take out all the bad guys.


    (I thought it was kind of obvious how it was going to end from the beginning and even more so once the kid got involved)


    it's still great entertainment at the time but I will have forgotten about it by tomorrow. :)


  7. Last weekend I stumbled upon an intro for a cartoon series called Gravity Falls, and my interest was immediately piqued by the major X-Files vibes I got from it. I looked it up and found out it's still very new, having only just started this summer with 10 episodes currently out and the 11th premiering tomorrow (technically today), so I watched ttumblr_ma28w7DyFO1ruav3u.gifhe first episode and ended up spending all night watching them all. :heh: It wasn't as X-Files-y as the intro suggests, but there's still a great vibe of mystery and conspiracy, and there are a lot of hints to there being much more to the story than we're currently seeing, which I'm assuming will develop much more as the series progresses. It's pretty funny with surprisingly well-written characters and a keen attention to detail, which bodes well for the expected mytharc. The creator is Alex Hirsch, former writer for The Marvellous Adventures Of Flapjack, which I recall @Hamishmash being a fan of, and the look of it also reminds me a bit of Adventure Time, though I haven't seen that yet and thus can't comment on any actual similarities or lack thereof.




    I got so excited I stuck the gif in your post. XD

  8. Yesterday I could see peoples spirits that represent them beyond their physical shell and I felt sadness.


    I also could see slightly into the future but we'll never know as I changed my reaction as a result, WILL I HAVE SPILLED THE NUTS!?!