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  1. I think I mentioned the Roger Rabbit, just couldn't get it out of my head. Though as Ashley said he's actually voiced by Alan Tudyk.


    I thought he sounded like the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland when I first watched it and it turns out Alan Tudyk based his voice on Ed Wynn the actor who played the Mad Hatter. I was pleased with myself there. :)

  2. Because I am a non de script brown entity I get mistaken for all kinds of ethnicities so I feel you there @Animal. :p


    I was pretty good at languages at school. I'd love to get back into learning French or Spanish (as that is more in my blood) but I really want to learn Polish. :D

  3. Not sure whether this has been put here or not but:




    Girl Walk // All Day (Jacob Krupnick, 2011)


    Runtime: Split up into 12 parts.


    This dance movie, set to Girl Talk’s - All Day album, is extremely positive and happy throughout, I couldn’t help but love what was happening on screen (some parts are better than others) and I had a smile on the duration of the film, it’s just a pure joy to watch. :)


    It fulfilled my secret desires to dance, for now. :D

  4. Today I went for a run. :smile:


    The first run I have ever been on. Firstly I assessed the area to see whether it was safe to run and I wasn't about to get stabbed between my buttocks and aside from thinking an old man was stalking me who just disappeared, which says more about my psyche rather than the safety of the park, everything got the ALL CLEAR. :D


    So I jogged back, the whole experience made me feel freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I lost who I was, why I mattered and any sense of anything other than I EXIST AND I AM RUNNING. :grin: (then I ran out of breath)


    Normality resumed and I had returned to the bleakness of Britain.

  5. Another thing: the non-gaming product placement.


    The "ORAREO" chanting sounded like normal chanting and then you saw the Oreos and realised what they were chanting. That was brilliant. The "Nesquik" sand wasn't as brilliant but was still funny.



    It is also a Wizard of Oz reference. :)


    Saw this again for the second time, still loved it. :grin: A genuine surprise of last year at how good it is. From the trailer I was worried but i'm glad I got that shock as it's actually a well crafted story with enjoyable characters. :D

  6. Just a few photos from my travels. :) None from the USA yet as they are not online.





    Tokyo - Akihabara- Mesmerised by the sheer quantity of anime merchandise on display




    Lawrence of Australia.




    New Zealand - Glacier- Coolness Bears.




    New Zealand - Roads go ever ever on...




    New Zealand - Recapturing my non existent 80s childhood on an old Casio Keyboard.



  7. I forget to take pictures but I'm taking a serious interest in being capable of cooking so that once my parents are gone I don't drown in a tub of KFC Gravy.


    Anyway cooked Salmon Bake yesterday in a white wine and dill sauce. :)


    and today I cooked a Prawn Curry with Salad, pitta bread and a cool garlic dip. :D


    Tomorrow I'm gonna see how to cook a ROAST. :grin: (the big one)

  8. Jeez Coolness, where/what/how/why have you been!


    I have been away FAR away. :) I was in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and then finally America and I just got back yesterday. :D


    how the hell did you even find this thread? Are you narcissistic enough to have searched for your own name?! :P


    I remember who made the thread and the title. :smile:


    but I did just search back to the date it was made. :p

  9. I have returned home from my travels a MAN.*


    *a man who still enjoys being massively child like BUT a child that has Kayaked on the OPEN SEAs.


    (yes I'm one of THOSE guys now.)


    I am so much thinner in the face it's ridiculous.


    2014. premonitions :grin:


    I'm bursting full of energy and stored up weirdness. :D

  10. I had pancakes today, I accidentally entered the pancake fray by answering yes to a question I didn't quite hear.


    The lesson is reply yes to something you don't quite hear as it could result in your death...or pancakes. :D


    LEMON AND SUGAR. :grin:

  11. THaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNK YoooooooooooooU!!!




    I apologise for the latest reply to my Birthday thread BUT before I left I replied individually to everyone then my Internet crashed and then went off...NO EXCUSES!


    Still I return with a :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:




    I hope you are all MERRY or JOLLY or something less Christmassy since it's Febuary.


    or FEBUANY at subways or BEARUARY at build a bear.


    ...if you are into promotions.



  12. This is hilarious. I actually lolled.


    Thanks. :)


    What you need is a chest. Chests are awesome. All kinds of chests are awesome, but I specifically mean the type with hinges.


    I'd actually love to own significantly less stuff, but I am very much a pack-rat. I hate to throw things away. I imagine a time when I'll sit back and look at every piece of plastic crap and say "remember how awesome this was??" even though in reality a) I won't and b) it wasn't.


    Chest is a great shout you absolute artist. : peace:


    Working towards chest format a 2013 goal.


    Yes it is extremely difficult to get rid of things nostalgia often gets in the way like there was a book "Poems for 7 year olds" Not read it since then but as soon as I picked it up it's like awwwwwwwwww I remember this I may read it again.


    *sticks it back on the shelf never to be touched*


    I got one of them too last year after some form of discount. It basically functions as a notepad now since there weren't as many happenings to actually warrant the use of a diary. I find a wall planner much more effective/accessible.


    Fair enough. :) I have started to write a lot down about my day or the things that meant the most to me on that day. (the little things I might forget) Movies I have watched (+what I rate it), story ideas, what time I wake up go to bed. It's not really used as a I have this on this day diary. More reflective. I also have a notepad for a larger Journal but I'm not starting that until my travels.


    Plus I like carrying it around. :D


    Today one of my notes is "I was the abomination of Obama's nation." (Kanye West)



    @uəʌəsʎɐɾ I enjoyed our chess game would love to play again. :grin:

  13. Each time I...there is a hair in my mouth pah fnahhh blarhhh! SPAH!


    Ok! Each time I tidy my room I get rid of more and more stuff. :) Soon their will be nothing left. Some draws are now empty apart from those annoying bits that you just have? but don't want to get rid of like a miscellaneous wire, an apple fridge magnet that says I <3 NY, the bayeux tapestry, Mozart playing cards...etc.


    Since I am coming up to 22 I've got an important documents shelf now. Complete with folders. :D


    I recently got a moleskin diary as well (50% off) which is beautiful. :grin: