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  1. CosmopolisPoster2.jpg


    Cosmopolis - David Cronenberg | 2012


    The film takes place mostly in a Limo and follows Eric Packer travelling up town to get a haircut. The whole film leaves you uncaring towards the characters and gives off a great sense of alienation, the atmosphere of the movie is unsettling and the majority of the cast only appears once, which is adds to the odd feeling it creates, in that sense it is good. The rest I have got to make my mind up on.


    This dialogue heavy movie was very cronenbergesque and has stuck in my mind hours after watching but that is because I'm unsure whether it was all flash and no substance or whether what the characters were saying had any gravitas to it. I feel it was thoughtfully directed and whilst Robert Pattinson isn't that great he is well suited for the role he plays here. It's definitely worth a look and possibly a re-watch is in order to get some more of the under lying themes. It has an ironic humour to it that didn't resonate with me personally but I'm still unsure whether it fell flat as a whole.


    Intriguing film that has a slick style but perhaps goes about what it wants to say in a too broader fashion, it has too much to say and ultimately says nothing important. I wasn't bored though and it's certainly worth a look.

  2. My day at work was confusing as I walked in wearing a black shirt and got told that it wasn't black enough.


    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut no you had to order DAH BIG SALADDDDDDDD.


    sorry had to get that out of my system.


    So yeah I actually fully paid for my travelling tickets. I will be off to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and USA by the end of the year.:bouncy:


    I'm going to die.

  3. I had no idea it would get this massive when I started watching it. I initially checked it out because:


    A) I watch all cartoons anyway.

    B) Lauren Faust had already been apart of The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends which are awesome.




    Regardless of whatever it's genuinely a good cartoon. :smile:


    There are "crazy" all over the place and the internet allows for this.


    I'm looking at you blog of Benedict Cumberbatch's neck. :heh: