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  1. OMJ! :o


    your Xbox live is Rumdumcious. I didn't even realise!

  2. It was...





  3. Yes! I love the slow news drip as well. :) It's enough to get me excited but not enough to overload my senses and end up having nothing left to be revealed.


    I knew there wouldn't really be anything at E3 but I wouldn't mind a bit more information.


    Do you have Heart Gold? I just got my Pokemon to Level 50. (Yes I'm slow)

  4. Woah! :o




    I haven't seen that video for years. awesome.



  5. Thanksalon. :grin:


    I massively wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone the other day and then had many hermione quotes whirring through my head and an Emma Watson signature had to be made. :)


    I tried to combine it with this weird addiction I have to Wizard of Oz/Munchkins at the moment. (hence the writing underneath it) but there were no good quotes that fitted the picture/made sense. So went with a hermione quote (sort of)


    Glad you like it. :D


    peace and bears.

  6. Gracias. :grin:


    I take it you've seen Kick-Ass?

  7. OH HO HO!


    When you do, you will love it even more. She is awesome. Is it bad that I laughed at her killing people?


    probably. :heh:


    I'mma watch it again with my other friend when I roll back to Uni! Ooh what other films do you want to see? :)

  8. DudeDazz! :grin:


    Firstly you are the same age as me, I just noticed that. No revelance.


    Anyway, last night on a whim I created A Rotten Tomatoes account looks kind of fun.


    Essentially just want to write up my thoughts on films that I watch and felt that was the best place to do it. whether anyone reads them or not is a bonus.


    Thought I'd link you to what I've written for general thoughts since you love movies also. :D


    I'm not trying to be all serious and I don't have particularly good writing but I don't often get to discuss films with people and I've been itching to put my thoughts down. :smile:


    Only reviewed one film so far! tell me what you think, if you have the time!






    Your Bearlyness,


    Coolness Bears.