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  1. Cool! :D Yeah its been advertised in my cinema all summer, it had me intrigued, happened to be on CITV and gave it a whirl, now making my way through all the episodes which isn't hard since they are 10 minutes a piece.


    I genuinely laugh at every episode, I was surprised by how inventive it is. :heart:


    It even mixes up its own jokes. :grin:



  2. haha, I've not seen that one yet!


    Just seen how many I've watched only 20 episodes thus far. :)


    There is one with Dr. Doofenshmirtz daughter, Vanessa who is trying to prove her dad is pure evil to her mom while Candace is trying to prove the brothers are up to no good (as per usual) which is lulzy. :D

  3. Goddamn, I forgot that when at home I had deleted my wifi from where I live at Uni, so I got back and hadn't checked it and so couldn't get online in time as I have to sort out putting the 3DS back on a DMZ client for it to work otherwise my wireless router considers it a hacking threat!



  4. Mr.Paul that's his name! That name again is Mr. Paul! :D


    (Love you to!) :heart:

  5. I Lim'd. :grin:


    Amazing! That is now my wallpaper, liek fr srs. :D


    Croagunk is equally creepy. :)

  6. Okay he may not be. :p He just looks as if he has the potential!

  7. No. :p


    It's Candace from Phineas and Ferb. :)

  8. I'm Lotso Coolness Bears!


    So naturally my hiar smells of strawberries. :D

  9. TAG YOU'RE IT! :grin:


    pass it on no backsies kthxbai


    (I don't feel ridiculous.)



    Woo, I didn't realise it was only £19.99. :) I had some spare change!


    Judgements on whether he is a pervert or not later! :p (and whether I like the game)


    I have complete two levels thus far.

  11. ReZ you little weasel! :p


    Your alluring avatar and Signature combination have worked their magic over me and today I caved in and




    I've done two levels so far! :D

  12. The Boxart is sexual!

  13. Awesome! :D Why do I remind of A bonsly? :p

  14. Thanks! :D It is Etopen the penguin!




    Which I'm definately getting in Plushie form! :yay: (if in stock!)


    Also thanks that's the first time anyone has kinda liked my face. :)


    Yeah if I ever meet you I will do a dance singing Bear Pants Bear Pants Bear Pants. It will be awkward it will be beautiful it will be Legen...


    ...wait for it...

  15. Thanks. :) I know it is a bit of a mess in its current form but I wanted to get my idea out there and spark interest! I will take any suggestions to improve it and come up with a revised idea in due course. :D

  16. Oh noes!


    Completed World 1 today On World 2-3 now.


    That Lady Boss was annoying as hell. So frustrating when I killed her with half a bit of health left and as she is burning a Silly bean thing knocks me in the head and I die before it cuts to her defeat!

  17. Thanks! This time it was to do with the security I was using for my wifi apparently! :grin:

  18. Rumdiddliumcious! Firstly your crazy font arouses me.


    Secondly..no wait I can't get over this font...


    and thirdly I apologise for the lateness of this message! Ooh thanks for thinking me about for bish. Unfortunately I won't be able to participate this time!


    I'd go into details but then the badger would have to kill me.

  19. Hey! :grin:


    Welcome. ^____^


    Thanks. :D I've not seen my signature on here myself yet, just got N-europe working again. :) (internet troubles)


    It's probably my most anticipated game! yes even after all this 3DS stuff. :p I LOVE me some Pokemon.

  20. I know I didn't help but can I just have a drink? I'm thirsty :p

  21. Thanks! :grin:


    Yeah I realise, it's totally SPICY!


    I'm loving all of the new Pokemon so far and thought it apt to place them in a signature. Oh and it's probably my most anticipated game/thing/life choice.

  22. tumblr_mn9ceoc1Zp1s9g1qmo1_500.gif


    Mmm...delicious Birthday thank you treats!!! :3