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  1. I was wandering who the hell Frank was! :laughing:

  2. I love the new signature and Avatar. Resident Evil 5, Naice! :D

  3. Oh no! :o


    Not too long to wait now anyway. :) wait it's the 5th April, I need to make a cake.


    I saw the Scott Pilgrim trailer the other day, I thought at first of Michael Cera doing the same thing again but at least there is a bit of a comic book twist. :D I also thought it was Lazy town the movie for some reason. :heh:


    Iron Man 2 looks badass. Although is it just me or does Mickey Rourke as the whiplash guy look slightly camp? Made me laugh immensely anyway.


    Sherlock Holmes was better than I thought, just fun a bit throwaway though. I could do with a number 2 though I'm not dying to see it.


    The Next Harry Potter needs more Ron regardless of whether they stick to the book or not.


    THE WHIMSICAL ADVENTURES OF RON (with a bit of hermione) is what I want from my Potter films!

  4. Thanks! I've not had time to create another review yet. Have you seen Fish Tank then?


    Also, my next review will probably be Easy A.


    Hey! just checked out your profile. :)


    How come you have a new one?

  5. I like it. :D I don't see what is wrong with it!


    Nintendo-master or whatever is very "I'm 10 years old and getting my first email address"


    I used to call myself Nickymon 251 because of Pokemon Gold. :p

  6. Thanks! :D


    I didn't put it in the rate your sig thread as I'm not wholly pleased with it. It lacks that shine and polish but the roughness is why I actually like my sig. It took me about 5 minutes to make but I like the idea behind it.


    Anyway! I was gonna say I wouldn't have gone with Tribal Sheva but with her in a her red hood and BAM! you changed it but now you've changed it again which is cool but Sheva in the hood. :heart:


    I want the alternative edition badly. I rented it first time round! :)

  7. Gotta love his cheeky charm! :D

  8. Yes! :D This sounds rad.

  9. Haha! That Bear is awesome! :grin: I want one or a real one guarding my door at night. :)


    Also THAT IS ME putting on my pants how did you get into my private picture collection!?

  10. Ive been trying to get this to work all day! worth the wait. Both brilliant and unnerving at the same time. :grin: Thanks for the dedication.

  11. I want the penguin necklace. :)


    I want the penguin necklace. :D


    I want the penguin necklace. :grin:

  12. Was in comicbook stores yesterday and saw some small press stuff, you should aim for that maybe? like to get stuffs out there? :)Thawts.


    Was tempted by some New DC trades but do not have the money. :)

  13. Haha! :grin:


    Great Now I'm going to be thinking about your erection in every thread I post in... o__0


    Combine my sigature while you are playing Bayonetta and you'll have some sort of Climax Action all on your own. :o

  14. Thanks for the personal birthday message and keep up those noises soon you'll reach my level and start shouting "PEACE BE WITH YOU MY CHILD" to random people in the streets. :D

  15. I CAN FEEL IT COMING! :grin:

    Song is addictive.



    Imagine Samus Aran with no arms.

  17. Love your Monkey D. Luffy Avatar. :)

  18. No worries! :D


    Luffy is what makes it awesome!

  19. Yes! :grin: I may be 2 or 3 episodes behind in the anime at the moment but I am fully up to date in the One Piece manga.


    Death Note is always a great place to start. Probably the second anime I watched and it has a clever, exiting story and great characters. You can't go wrong.


    Eyeshield 21 I have not watched or read but I believe that the manga is better than the anime. It's meant to be a good sports anime though. :D


    Fairy Tale, I personally enjoy. The manga has a One Piece vibe to it which I feel is lost in the transition to the anime but either way it is good fun.


    How much anime have you/do you watch? :)

  20. Teddy McGee is considered cool? :p


    How did you learn this? :o

  21. Yay a personal birthday message from months ago. my warmest thanks and my loudest penguin noises to you! :grin:

  22. I think the anime is much better if you don't read the manga as well! :)


    I started reading the manga of One Piece once I caught up to where it was currently and because I was so hooked I had to see what happened next! :grin:


    Naruto is different, I enjoy reading the manga and pick what I think would look good in the anime. :D

  23. I bequeath you sans friend.




    or whatever. The Meadows await.

  24. This is fair.


    I respect your choice. :)


    My apologies for my in-activity.


    I wish your Mafia all the best. :D

  25. I'm going to be buying goggles to stick on my head! :D




    Something like that. I have a fear that I don't look ridiculous enough. :p


    I love tamagotchi's though I don't think I want to be one because they are left to die.




    in their own faeces.


    I am!


    my name on Facebook is Merry Mole.