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  1. tumblr_mn9ceoc1Zp1s9g1qmo1_500.gif


    Mmm...delicious Birthday thank you treats!!! :3

  2. DO NOT DO TIER 15.





    Imagine Samus Aran with no arms.



    Woo, I didn't realise it was only £19.99. :) I had some spare change!


    Judgements on whether he is a pervert or not later! :p (and whether I like the game)


    I have complete two levels thus far.

  5. I CAN FEEL IT COMING! :grin:

    Song is addictive.

  6. OH HO HO!


    When you do, you will love it even more. She is awesome. Is it bad that I laughed at her killing people?


    probably. :heh:


    I'mma watch it again with my other friend when I roll back to Uni! Ooh what other films do you want to see? :)

  7. TAG YOU'RE IT! :grin:


    pass it on no backsies kthxbai


    (I don't feel ridiculous.)

  8. Awesome, I play as the sniper as well. I'm weirdly better at long distance in this game. Do you have the bow? do you use it? or do you prefer the sniper rifle?



  9. Cool! :D Yeah its been advertised in my cinema all summer, it had me intrigued, happened to be on CITV and gave it a whirl, now making my way through all the episodes which isn't hard since they are 10 minutes a piece.


    I genuinely laugh at every episode, I was surprised by how inventive it is. :heart:


    It even mixes up its own jokes. :grin:



  10. Daft said this the other day! :heh:




    my mum happened to see him today and said that was definitely a younger version of me. :p She only saw him for like a second!


    This will be added to the list of things drunk men shout at me in the toilets. :grin:

  11. DudeDazz! :grin:


    Firstly you are the same age as me, I just noticed that. No revelance.


    Anyway, last night on a whim I created A Rotten Tomatoes account looks kind of fun.


    Essentially just want to write up my thoughts on films that I watch and felt that was the best place to do it. whether anyone reads them or not is a bonus.


    Thought I'd link you to what I've written for general thoughts since you love movies also. :D


    I'm not trying to be all serious and I don't have particularly good writing but I don't often get to discuss films with people and I've been itching to put my thoughts down. :smile:


    Only reviewed one film so far! tell me what you think, if you have the time!






    Your Bearlyness,


    Coolness Bears.

  12. Goddamn, I forgot that when at home I had deleted my wifi from where I live at Uni, so I got back and hadn't checked it and so couldn't get online in time as I have to sort out putting the 3DS back on a DMZ client for it to work otherwise my wireless router considers it a hacking threat!



  13. Gracias. :grin:


    I take it you've seen Kick-Ass?

  14. haha, I've not seen that one yet!


    Just seen how many I've watched only 20 episodes thus far. :)


    There is one with Dr. Doofenshmirtz daughter, Vanessa who is trying to prove her dad is pure evil to her mom while Candace is trying to prove the brothers are up to no good (as per usual) which is lulzy. :D

  15. Haha, It does a bit yeah. :grin:


    What can I say I am a Coolness Bean as well! :p

  16. Haha! :grin:


    Great Now I'm going to be thinking about your erection in every thread I post in... o__0


    Combine my sigature while you are playing Bayonetta and you'll have some sort of Climax Action all on your own. :o

  17. Haha! That Bear is awesome! :grin: I want one or a real one guarding my door at night. :)


    Also THAT IS ME putting on my pants how did you get into my private picture collection!?

  18. Hey! :D


    *waves awkwardly*


    I like the colour scheme!

  19. Hey! :grin:


    Welcome. ^____^


    Thanks. :D I've not seen my signature on here myself yet, just got N-europe working again. :) (internet troubles)


    It's probably my most anticipated game! yes even after all this 3DS stuff. :p I LOVE me some Pokemon.

  20. I bequeath you sans friend.




    or whatever. The Meadows await.

  21. I like it. :D I don't see what is wrong with it!


    Nintendo-master or whatever is very "I'm 10 years old and getting my first email address"


    I used to call myself Nickymon 251 because of Pokemon Gold. :p

  22. I Lim'd. :grin:


    Amazing! That is now my wallpaper, liek fr srs. :D


    Croagunk is equally creepy. :)

  23. I think the anime is much better if you don't read the manga as well! :)


    I started reading the manga of One Piece once I caught up to where it was currently and because I was so hooked I had to see what happened next! :grin:


    Naruto is different, I enjoy reading the manga and pick what I think would look good in the anime. :D