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  1. Does anyone know the name of a racing arcade game for 3ds,


    All I remeber is that it was similar to crazy taxi with arrows you had to follow, it was set in a city and it was a retail release a couple of years ago , I remember onm saying it was a short but fun game .

  2. As someone who always orders games from Amazon, where's the best place to pre-order with a decent possibility they'll send it early, say 2-3 days early. ShopTo?


    Gameseek are the number 1 online retailer in my opinion , I used to think shopto was but they are understaffed these days.

  3. Apparently more retailers are saying the adapter is discontinued as well as the couple Amiibo. Nintendo is stupidly out of touch, but I have trouble believing they are this crazy to discontinue such a popular product.


    Not even used mine yet, so this can only be beneficial to me ifI decide to sell it.


    EDIT: Amazon Japan claiming to have new stock on the 22nd




    If you do decide I can offer £45 total