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  1. another nail in the coffin :( and Middle finger to the fans .



    First official Nintendo magazine ends and now this, I am pretty devastated



    And what ever they replace it with will never be as exclusive and unique.




    Rip club Nintendo :( , yes it was annoying with the Stars expiring and the surveys were a bitch , but the fruits of your labour were worth it . When that shiny gold zelda statue arrived, when that game and watch arrived , when those awesome mario kart trophies arrived ect.

  2. Not really as I paid by paypal the moment they went on the Nintendo site, I could have easily pre orderd 100 copies else where if I was a scalper , I only ordered 3 for goodness sake


    why don't Nintendo just make enough stock to meet demand, they are pathetic

  3. Majoras mask club Nintendo promotion , get a free sound track if you register the game ;).


    Please make. It happen Mr shibata


    But the main thing I hope for is that Mr Iwata is continuing to get better , and hopefully put on a bit of weight , over the holidays. He looked so gaunt in the last video it was shocking to see .