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  1. id give it 70% id rate exite truck 88% , gamecentral have been talking a load of bull latly, ignor these 360 pc fanboys which they have become latly. they have medal hheroes 2 5/10 wtf are they on, honestly they really have idiots working for them these days, bring back digitiser.


    its one of the best racers on wii, its no exite truck quality wise but its a good fun arcady racer and its online!,

  2. been playing this for a couple of hours, £19.99 in GAME,


    controls are great just like exite truck, gameplay is good arcady like exite bike 64, online is great no lag so far and up to 6 racers at once,


    only downside the graphics could be more polished, its a shame nintendo dident make this as exite bike wii, it would hev been a classic then, but nitro bike is well worth picking up for £19.99, i got this turok and dmc 4 and nitro has had the most playtime so far , good solid 7/10 i rate it