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  1. i bought fire emblem on cube last week for a pricly sum of £35 :s


    i was near the end and i find all my gamecube saves were some how deleted :( its too late to complete it now in time


    i hope the story is not a spoiler, hoping for a fresh start story

  2. anyone who bought from xbite games got theirs yet?

    and is the us working still on pal machines


    just to 100% confirm it



    when mine comes i need to


    load the free laoder 2 times! then put in smash, do the update, reset freeloader then play smash ?



    anyone who has it does it effect any of your pal game saves once you have created a usa smash save?



    hopefully ill have it and be on later, is there a freind code thread in the onlien forums yet?




  3. in penzance i live lol, i dont run the gaming club but meetings are tuesdays usually and on a huge projector , usally play competitons mario kart ,wii sports and stuff its awsome, im sure smash and pes will blow people away, there is a website too,


    defence controls are ok, but compaired to the attack controls they are a bit basic, im sure they will work on them and in a couple games times the wii will have the perfect version of the beautiful game :)

  4. im back lol, its ace like i said, i 100% agree with the 90% reviews its very good, but not perfect defending wise, after playing this for a good few hours going back to pes on ps2,360,ps3 feels very strange, and the new controls feel almost natural to me now, but fellow pes players need to understand this is a different game to the normal pes experience and you need to give it time like i did to get the controls and how the gameplay differs.


    ive unlocked a special mode wii fans will love ;) after completing the international cup :) i wont spoil it for you but its v cool and funny,


    i cant wait for the pal release so i can go online and play all the modes :)


    ps i live in cornwall ;) where bouts u coming down to,? as im part of a local gaming club and ill be playing pes and smash brawl :) in the next few meetings,

  5. Ill have them both tomorrow by 1pm, im assured that he free loader does work on pal consoles with usa smash from my supplier as he apparantly tested them , ill let you know 100% if they work tomorrow asap, i have a pal wii unmodded and a usa wii with a wiikey installed ill test on both and get back to you,


    not that im trying to sell anything in this thead! but ive accidently orderd 2 smash and 2 free loaders, i will be selling for the same price i paid if they work, ill put a selling pust in the trading forum,



  6. Hi,


    Thank you for your email.


    Hope the information below helps:


    Wii Freeloader FAQ


    What does it do? - It lets you play games from other countries on your PAL Wii console


    Is it in stock? - YES


    Does it work with UK and Australian PAL consoles? - YES


    Do I need to take apart/modify my Wii console? - NO


    Have you tested it/Does it really work? - Yes we have and it does.


    Does it work with Super Smash Bros Brawl? - YES


    How do I use it? - Simply insert your Freeloader disc and load it in the usual way. When the drive stops, eject the Wii Freeloader disc and insert the game, which then loads and plays just like it would on its own region of Wii. It's as simple as that!


    Will a foreign game update my console with foreign firmware? - No, the wii freeloader plays the basic game file and that's it, basically. It ignores all update data that is on the foreign game disk that you are trying to play. It'll basically run the Wii Firmware that is currently on your Wii console.

  7. mkds spoilt by snakers, how can you call snaking fun, i can do it for a whole race but its not exactly fun, it rather race properly and do the skid / boost around corners alone, i hope they even it out in m k wii,


    id rate mario kart series in this order




    3.MARIO KART 64




    all awsome awsome games :)


    what are your top 5 in order