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  1. I only have the 500g model, and they refuse to add external hard drive support and I own over 10 games , I am pretty much screwed as I have to keep deleting games. I cant have more than 4 games installed at once.


    Its got to the point where I am now picking xbox one versions over ps4 games as its so easy to plug in a hard drive to x1,


    I would pick the superior ps4 version if they sorted the issue out

  2. Not for me it's not. I see it as laughable in comparison with Battlefield!




    Played this 10 times more than I did battlefeild . Have 4 and hardline they are good tactical shooters . But boring and the same as 99% of all shooters .


    Splatoon in its essence is a shooter but it's a new genre of shooter never seen before .



    Your really missing out on one the most fun games out there , it's not trying to be battlefield or cod it's nintnendos unique take on shooters .



    And if your complaining about lack of features at least the online works and is pain free Unlike battlefeild was was months !

  3. Inkredible heist, Sorry for any fans who ordered from them tho ,


    Usually it's game robbing people not the other way round lol


    I bet it was some sony or Microsoft mafia , trying to spoil a big summer hit

  4. A monkey could manage Nintendos stock situation better, they are too soft I think 99% of people would agree they have been fools .


    I still don't see any official gamecube adapters ? That market is ruined now for them as cheap immitations exist , and why punish people who want to buy more than 1 unit? Instead get your act together and make more its simple .

  5. With a business mind like that you should be in charge of Nintendo, you'd have solved the amiibo problem from day 1! Produce more! It's so simple.


    Alternatively, maybe the manufacture of 50+ different figurines with nfc chips inside them isn't that easy, and they're getting them out as fast as they can.


    No shit Sherlock

  6. What I meant was if we get 3 people who buy either boy girl or squid each ,


    We simply unlock the content then pass it on to the next person , while they send you theirs. Do full circle and eventually we all get all the content unlocked and our original Amiibo back .


    Save us potentially £30 each

  7. Anyone fancy doing an Amiibo share?


    It's really sucky of Nintendo to lock so much content with the amiibos , so who would be up for loaning each other amiibos so we can unlock the content and mini games and then pass them on , I might be getting the squid or girl character Amiibo