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  1. This is shocking :-( so sad . Whether you liked his business decisions or not , no one could fail to love his personality .

    he was so young it's really not fair.


    Rest in peace Mr Iwata , we will never forget you .

  2. Yep it was groundbreaking in many respects . For me it was the atmosphere and graphics and story that made it so special . It actually made me feel like I was exploring Japan . This was a time before open world games so shenmue was sort of one of the first , All be it with it's limitations compared to anything of today's standards.


    Please share and if you can chuck in a few dollars , the industry really needs games like this with all the modern western games .

  3. Can't wait I have backed the $500 one I can't really afford it but I really want to help support the game .


    Can everyone please share with all your friends we need help to get the funds up to over 5 million

  4. Graphics look decent , and it's not the reason why a game while be judged ,


    Gameplay and fun is what I care about and this looks like lylat wars 2


    Similar to the war starfox 2 was in comparison to 1