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  1. I'm a bit puzzled ,


    Woke up went to the bathroom ,Then weighed myself , which has been my weekly consistent way to measure my weight loss since I started , turns out I have lost 6 pounds this week .


    Had a cup of tea and a glass of water . Played wii fit for 30 mins

    Then returned to weigh myself after I had put the 4lbs back on within the space of an hour .


    Surely it can't be that much water wight gained ? From 500ml


    Do other body changes happen with the space of the day apart from food and water intake that can add weight?

  2. My weight seems to have stuck in a rutt since joining the gym on Monday and eating the same :S

    Anyone have any tips where I might be going wrong ?


    This weeks exercise


    Monday ----

    Wii fit 30 min yoga morning , afternoon 8 mile cycle , evening 1 hour gym ( rowing machine, some light weight training , running ,


    Tuesday -----

    basketball match in the evening


    Wednesday ----

    Wii fit 30 min yoga morning , afternoon 8 mile cycle , evening 1 hour gym ( rowing machine, some light weight training , running ,



    Wii fit 30 min yoga morning , afternoon 8 mile cycle , evening 1 hour gym ( rowing machine, some light weight training , running ,

    Friday -----


    1 hour gym cardio only



    1 hour basketball



    Eating about 1500 of super healthy food and a protein shake


    A typical day for me

    Breakfast porridge with blue berries and nuts and seeds , 1scoop protein shake , half a red grapefruit .

    Cup of green tea

    Lunch home made soup and an apple



    Dinner jacket potato , lots of greens

    Water melon and Greek yoghurt


    And around 8pm I have an apple or pear and 1 scoop of protein


    , I would have hoped I would have lost more than that I'm a bit gutted by my results after working so hard and sacrificing .

  3. I hope not , those bastards won't send it


    Let's hope the game is quality too.


    Seriously, it's too far zoomed in. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???


    Oh, and the pre-order bonus




    Where did you find the pre order bonus Serebii ?

  4. It's too early to call the wii u a complete failure , it needs another year and I think 2014 can be a big success . It also needs a proper e3 live show and lots of surprises, needs Iwata to make some bold statements and also give Reggie much more power as I bet he knows how the company could improve for the watern market but he is a puppet at the end of the day .

  5. What's the code for the community ? Can I join ?


    Edit found It 8034-1592-9901


    Also how do you stop my achievements going into the miiverse activity feed



  6. Maybe it was a combination of the salty big roast dinner , anyway I will try and follow a similar routine at a set time for next weeks weigh in .



    I do however notice my body shape is more toned and I feel so much fitter so u guess I need to be more patient for the weight to drop .


    5 pounds in 12 days isn't a complete disaster I guess

  7. I started wii fit on New Year's Day and have been gradually loosing weight , eating less than 1500 and doing at least half hour exercise a day and wii fit yoga 4 times a week .



    Weighed myself on Saturday last ,


    Had a little rest on Sunday but is till managed to fit in wii fit routine


    I had. 2000 calorie day and a roast dinner . Still healthy food tho .



    Went for a 10 mile cycles this morning and weighed myself and I have gained 6 pounds since Saturday



    I understand that weight can change the odd couple of pounds due to the time of day and water Intake



    But surely having a day off would not have made me 6 pounds fatter


    It's really a blow and I feel like I've wasted all my effort and sacrifice .



    I have now only lost 5 pounds since New Year's Day which is very poor for the amount of effort I put in.

  8. Has anyone here setup a custom routine ?



    I have set up one which is 30 minutes long , I played through it for the first time and it was annoying as hell to keep picking up the wii u gamepad before each exercise , Is there a way to say start the workout and remain hands free on controllers for the entire workout , which in my workout are yoga,and strength ones .



    It's a hassle right now the way it is I hope there's a fix ?