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  1. I hope they balance the items a bit better, The game doesn't give enough help to the lower placing's if you don't get out in front pack in then first lap you are basically screwed. In previous games anyone could still catch up but the weapons feel underpowered and infrequent.



    Really happy about the map on screen, But I agree such an error in the first place was shocking on Nintendo's part.

  2. So after the direct there is still no collectors edition coming outside of Japan ? :(

    And why haven't we had a direct for Europe ! Surely it's about time !

  3. Here you go


    External Powered. 2TB. £58. It's what I will have shortly, many friends have and I think a few people here have it, too



    Nintendo even recommend it on their site.


    Hi I got mine today , can you help me regarding setting it up , I plug it into the wii u lower back USB port , then into the power socket , go to system memory and data management , and format USB storage device , and after that it jut says checking USB storage decide I have left it for over 20minutes and nothing happens ?

  4. I feel guilty about opening them already, so looks like im going to have to buy a complete sealed set and a select few to open of my favourite characters, in summary bye bye monies :S