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  1. Pink is one of the worst actors I have ever seen on who , otherwise I'm really liking the new series . Tonights was up there either the best Episodes of the last few seasons on my opinion. I think the young school girl will be the new assistant. Clara was a bit of a bitch to the doc at the end . He did nothing wrong it was an overreaction .

  2. Join the club, looks like they've chosen to screw Cornwall over again amongst other regions. :heh:


    Yes it sucks but I don't begrudge others the chance to play the game early - well not much anyway ;) - and 'game locking' would certainly not be welcome.


    Nobody would genuinely want that, this is Nintendo we're talking about not Microsoft. :indeed:


    I'm just going to find other things to do and I'll assume this is payback in my case for when I received the original Super Mario Galaxy in the post a whole two days early from Play.com... gosh those were the days! :D




    Anyway how is the game for those that are playing it? I'd genuinely like to know but obviously no spoilers. :)




    Sorry I meant for downloads locking but then I realised they do that now :(


    Game used to send the codes out early and you could download instantly, looks like they have indeed sorted that now the bastards.

  3. Shopto and the postmen have failed , really unfair that other people are getting it today and some of us have to suffer despite using the same company .


    They didnt even bother to send my Forza horizon in today's post which is very strange considering 90% of the time they come the next day when shopto ship . I can only assume it's been stolen :(

  4. Why the hell did they let rio go :S I know he was getting on a little but he has much to offer.



    Possibly the worst defence in premier league history right now :(


    Will take a couple of years to mount a serious challenge again .

  5. Thanks to Lost Mario and Hero-of-Time for the games last night all that loot helped me level up and I was a little confused how to get past lv 20 but I think I understand now. If your going on any future loot runs would love to join again .