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  1. Well your touching on 2 different matters , missing the battle mode was a disappointment but it was not a lazy broken glitch like many of the other titles have suffered this year .


    Nintendo is one of the only companies to have a proper quality control. Yes there have been minor tweaks on games like mario kart and smash but they were not game breaking faults


    If it wasn't for nintendo it would go down as one of the worst gaming years of all time ! Mainly consisting of ports and hyped disappointments ( watch dogs destiny asassins creed ect ) and downright broken messes that even ea would not dare release ( halo mcc and driveclub )

  2. Might be getting one from nz my question is what will I need to do to prepare for the account transfer to my new 3ds ? They use micro sd. How I'll I get the data from my current system to another ?


    Will it need a micro sd to big sd adapter and copy all the data across now ? And then simply plug it into the new 3ds with a standard console transfer ?

  3. Well I have just installed the update and it's even more broken than it was before . Matchmaking was very slow before but this doesn't work at all. I am done with this pile of crap one of the worst games I have ever bought only 2nd to latest sim city for a launch cock up

  4. It will be sad to see iwata all skinny and unwell , but at least he's on the mend now :)


    My predictions


    Sonic boom fest of Info :S

    Watch dogs Info

    Captain toad details

    Pokemon details

    Mario maker new info

    Yoshi yarn release date

    Mario kart tracks to be released next week .

    Amiibo details

    Club Nintendo promotion to get exclusive amiibos like me game watch and duck hunt dog .

    And. Nice suprise at the end I hope :) but there's not much room for anything else

  5. Finished 1 last night and it was every bit as good as I remebered I would score it a rare 10/10


    Just about to start 2, which difficulty should I go for ? which is closest to normal difficulty on Bayonetta 2 compaired to 1 ?


    Still haven't received my first print from game.co.uk


    Did anyone else ?

  6. Is anyone getting the new cod on ps4?


    I have an xbox one as well which would be the bet version to go for ?

    Is there exclusive Dlc on xbox ? How long is the delay usually for playstation ,


    Ps4 will likely have full 1080p and 900p at bet for X1,



    Just wonderd if there's anything else I should consider ?

  7. Has anyone not received their copy from GAME? I payed for my first print edition the day it was up for pre order and despite them claiming it was shipped on the 21st I still haven't received it and I'm getting worried now :(

  8. I have loads and loads of wii vc games and wii ware games, I want to keep them on my wii console is there a was to link the accounts to wii u in order to buy them again at the reduced price but keep them on the wii console ?


    If you get what I mean?