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  1. I haven't received this £5 back but then I ordered the game bundle + controller for £50.20 which they have taken payment for so I'm not too fussed just so long as they ship it. : peace:


    I take it that it's going to be just the game in a standard box plus a boxed controller as opposed to one with another big outer box? It'd be nice to have one copy of Smash in the house without that horrible oversized green '12' rating on it. :indeed:





    Well shopto still haven't shipped the game plus controller , really pathetic customer service .

  2. Have you ordered much from them, and 365games before?


    I'd love to join you for some online matches tonight, but it doesn't look like I'll be getting my copy today (which gives me a bit of time to mess with the Hyrule Warriors DLC though, so it's all good :hehe:).

    Have fun if you take on Sprout. ;)


    Yes Gameseek are better than shopto in my opinion , shopto used to be awesome we all know that, and Gameseek are like that now :)

    I get 90% of my games there unless it's an exclusive shop edition, they always come on the thursday sometimes even Wednesday before release .


    The servers were up last week, possibly earlier.




    They are not up for me , says you need to download an update which isn't available yet ? Unless I'm wrong

  3. Redshell I highly recommend Gameseek they seem to get games earlier to me than shopto these days ,I think shopto have taken on too much business or sonething as they have been sliping as of late .


    Shopto have yet to ship my gamecube controller plus adapter and copy of smash bundle . I got an email saying I might get it Saturday and they aim to ship on Friday .

  4. Can't help but laugh at the hypocrisy here.



    Nor can I ;)


    It's the same old user whining about the same old thing. I remember it happening for some other games last year.






    Your life must be full of wonder to remember something so trivial ? No need to be a prick about it this is a friendly place .

  5. Wow this is amazing , it's rare you get a feeling that makes every cell in your body Feel happy . Zelda mario Galaxy were the last 2 games to do this for me . This is a combination of everything I love dear in gaming . The graphics are outstanding , music outstanding gameplay outstanding .

    10/10 and game of the year

  6. Regarding the upcoming smash bros cd offer


    I have already registered smash ds,


    Is there a time limit to register the smash wii u code ? Like will it not work of those lucky enough to get the game early register before Friday ?


    And does anyone have any doubles pint codes that you are willing to trade as I have a few doubles .please pm me

  7. I'd be interested in an N-E tournament if the game had voice chat during battles. Otherwise I'm just not interested.


    Yep, I went there (again).




    I don't get the need for voice chat in tense battles 100% of concentration should go on playing , not taunting or swearing ;)


    Do your talking on the battlefeild

  8. I agree new battle mode is awful and boring , but it works and it doesn't glitch out and refuse to load or suffer from severe sever problems ?



    AAA titles

    Donkey kong tropical freeze


    Mario kart

    Smash bros



    Good games

    Hyrule Warriors

    Mario golf 2

    Fantasy life'

    Smash ds

    Mario party



    Plus the remakes such as bayonetta 1 , nes remix ect

    Pokemon Ruby saphire ect


    It's been a very strong year for Nintendo