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  1. Incredible Metroid Wii Mod

    shame he coudled make the wii mote built into a metriod gun arm
  2. Parents against the Wii Zapper

    get a life, what a stupid woman
  3. OOT or MM?

    OOT Best game of all time!!!!!!!!!! MM very good game but not in OOTs class
  4. Pokemon Wii? Where are thee?

    zelda engine / type worlds with pokemon, please nintendo
  5. Wii Firmware update: 3.0U/E

    anyone know if this affects modded or flashed wii's in any way?
  6. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    4 v 1 then! anytime anyplace , typical attitude thats got you postmen into this mess lol and you know it, you honeslty dont care about people who are suffering because of your strikes, anyone who's a postman/worker, i hope you have fun with your backlog of post, and i wish any genuine deserving postal workers the best of luck with your jobs in the future
  7. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    big words for a small man, come say that to my face or anywhere away from the forum, STOP spoiling the forum for everyone else with your petty insults
  8. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

  9. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    i always wonderd what you posties get up too, keep your weird fantasys to your self, if you have somthing to say come here and say it to my face, but not on this site, im sorry POSTMEN was the wrong word to use, as we never get any post , we could call you MEN, but that would be an understatment! call it quits now, both veiws have been put, i at least understand what you are facing, but least you could do is take some attension to the problems you have caused,
  10. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    im sure these spotty school kids will give you their paper rounds if the cuts come to place, im not talking about just me, have you taken into account all the online companys that depend on your service, and these strikes are causing loss of business, lost items angry customers, if you guys can find it in your postbags to show a tiny bit of understanding to what your doing to these companys and peoples lives, you might get some support ps your foul words are NOT welcome on this site, as im sure you know children ect are reading, if you have to get angry at least be considerate to them!
  11. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    do you blame rm for the cuts with people like you guys on the staff,
  12. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    short tempers too, all im saying is that you strike and dont give a sh!te about all the people and businesses that will suffer from your repeated selfish strikes, if you were more considerate to the people, you might get some support,
  13. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    Do you fancy getting up around 3am every morning and then spending about five hours on your feet carrying a heavy bag in all weathers for shit money? No, didn't think so. Royal mail has been downhill for years now, late deliverys, lots of lost items, i know this affects people lives and jobs i know that sucks, but if its needed to be done to improve the service, and possibly make it more enviromentaly freindly, then its a good choice in the long run, your chilidsh comments are just the sort of attitude im talking about with postmen these days.
  14. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    if you have somthing to say to me! dont hide it in posts, no need for childish insults, SLACKERS thats all they are,
  15. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    i hope ur strikes fail ;), sorry, but you have cost me business, and ebay feedback thanks to your consistant strikes late arrivals and lost parcels !!! i think you should take your jobs as they were, just think in the future robots will be delivering and sorting out mail lol and hardly anyone will be needed lol
  16. official rare gamecube game thread!

    http://www.thegamecollection.net/metal-gear-solid-twin-snakes-gamecube-preowned-p-1692.html £12 now , was £9.99 the other day
  17. Royal Mail ON STRIKE

    greedy selfish posties lol , t hey think by striking we will blame the head office ect for not giving you a high enough raise, well i dont, i blame the union, no support for you at all sorry,
  18. Mario Kart Wii

    im pritty sure this will be some home version of mario kart arcade possibly with online play too,
  19. ScarFace: The World is Yours

    wow we live in a true space age ,
  20. ScarFace: The World is Yours

    can u lower the voice volume lol, i dont mind the odd swear word, but i live im my famiilys hotel and im sure the guests wont be too happy hear f words every second lol,
  21. ScarFace: The World is Yours

    whats the high street price on this? cheers
  22. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    this game is OUTSTANDING, the graphics are still awsome, controls are near perfection .
  23. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    i have 2 copies of res4 wii pal, one is rated 15 with a red circle in the bottom left of the front cover, and the other one says 18+ http://www.pegi.info are there any diffrences in these 2 games? gore or what have u?
  24. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    I know a lot with HDTVs, and a lot who don't. Also many who do have HDTVs don't actually play their games on them, but have a regular TV in another room for games. got 3 wiis in the house all setup on hdtvs of different size and standard, and they all look stunning to me, also have had them setup on a decent SD tv and the difference you get on a HDTV is quite allot to me and i dont think i could go back.
  25. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    any high street shops selling this early ?