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  1. Tomb Raider Wii

    its excellent, im only holding off playing it till i complete uncharted on ps3, but i playe dteh 1st level, it was very good indeed
  2. i have medal of honou heroes 2 for wii, its excellent, controls are very very good, and i played it with the zapper, its the future of 1ps's control wise
  3. Bargain of the year?

    worms 2 open warfare £12.99 micro machines v4 £9.99 electroplankton £14.99 drawn to life £14.99 all play .com
  4. Bargain of the year?

    tingle rpg, rupyland ds £9.99 thegamecollection.net
  5. Bargain of the year?

    mario party 8 is good, multiplayer is awsome when you get into it,
  6. Winter Sports 2008!

    seems to be sold out, did anyone order then?
  7. Winter Sports 2008!

    cant find any videos or reviews on this, is it really out, could it be a mistake on play?
  8. Medal of Honor Heroes 2

    is this 100 % confirmed:(? i played the usa version today, controls are excellent, graphics good, online is great fun,
  9. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    got mine, but the buttons are mixed up, the yellow button is in the blues place and the blue in the yellows lol, i orderd 2 wii versions and its deffinatly wrong lol :S what shall i do
  10. Medal of Honor Heroes 2

    any news on the release?, i prey this will make it in time for xmas
  11. Super Mario Galaxy

    Game of the year, easy Game of the decade, easy Game of all time ,quite possibly wow 10/10 score from me ,thanks nintendo
  12. BWii: Batallion Wars 2

    got this saturday, really fun game, controls are nice, graphics look excellent, online seems to be a mixture zones, battle co op, ill post more thoughts later
  13. Bully Scholarship Edition

    when is this due out GAME.CO.UK say 1/1//07????? http://www.game.co.uk/Wii/Action/~r331965/Bully-Scholarship-Edition/
  14. BWii: Batallion Wars 2

    is this still out next week in usa? i thinking of a pre order from vg plus
  15. surly they can make it so vc games cant be played on a differnet console, and still played of an SD card,
  16. im out of space too its putting me off buying more vc games,its a big problem that needs to be fixed asap
  17. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    ive had metriod prime 3 for weeks, what can i say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!, its of of the best 1ps ever made, i have halo3 love it to bits, but its not in metriod prime 3's class, gameplay, story, controls, graphics all better on mp3 imo. if i had to score them both , Metriod Prime 3 %98 Halo 3 95%
  18. Medal of Honor Heroes 2

    looks good, lets hope they can get controls as close to metriod prime 3 as possible, i have mp3 its truly stunning in every way, and beats halo3 hands down,
  19. Virtual Console - All you need to know

    whata line up, virtual console is sooooo much better than xbox marketplace and teh psn shop, thanks nintendo
  20. This girl would be perfect for Samus!!

    Luigi and Mario
  21. This girl would be perfect for Samus!!

    some good choices there, id also like to see what you guys come up for Wario,Bowser,Luigi,Toad,kirby go on i dare ya
  22. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I have Prime 3 and Halo 3, Halo 3 is an outstanding game , but i think Metriod Prime 3 is better, gameplay,graphics,story all better controls are so nice it makes halo using the controller feel so over complicated, only thing halo is better at is having an online mode, big shame on metriod doesnt, but who knows maby 1 day we will get a hunters type wii game with online mode if i had to rate them id score Halo3 95% Metriod Prime 3 98% yes it really is that good!
  23. FIFA 2008

    got this,, its fun, online is great, will keep me going till every version of pes 2008 is out pes on wii could be something really special, fifa is a good start
  24. This girl would be perfect for Samus!!

    lol nice thread, can someone make another one, whould would be perfect for mario, link , donkey kong, is there ever was a movie made for them lol, go on i dare u