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  1. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    metriod prime usa works fine, no sign of my smash yet, the xbite games shop on ebay i paid £9.99 for special next day delivery and i no post , did anyone else order from them?
  2. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    in penzance i live lol, i dont run the gaming club but meetings are tuesdays usually and on a huge projector , usally play competitons mario kart ,wii sports and stuff its awsome, im sure smash and pes will blow people away, there is a website too, defence controls are ok, but compaired to the attack controls they are a bit basic, im sure they will work on them and in a couple games times the wii will have the perfect version of the beautiful game
  3. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    im back lol, its ace like i said, i 100% agree with the 90% reviews its very good, but not perfect defending wise, after playing this for a good few hours going back to pes on ps2,360,ps3 feels very strange, and the new controls feel almost natural to me now, but fellow pes players need to understand this is a different game to the normal pes experience and you need to give it time like i did to get the controls and how the gameplay differs. ive unlocked a special mode wii fans will love after completing the international cup i wont spoil it for you but its v cool and funny, i cant wait for the pal release so i can go online and play all the modes ps i live in cornwall where bouts u coming down to,? as im part of a local gaming club and ill be playing pes and smash brawl in the next few meetings,
  4. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    Ill have them both tomorrow by 1pm, im assured that he free loader does work on pal consoles with usa smash from my supplier as he apparantly tested them , ill let you know 100% if they work tomorrow asap, i have a pal wii unmodded and a usa wii with a wiikey installed ill test on both and get back to you, not that im trying to sell anything in this thead! but ive accidently orderd 2 smash and 2 free loaders, i will be selling for the same price i paid if they work, ill put a selling pust in the trading forum, cheers
  5. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    Hi, Thank you for your email. Hope the information below helps: Wii Freeloader FAQ What does it do? - It lets you play games from other countries on your PAL Wii console Is it in stock? - YES Does it work with UK and Australian PAL consoles? - YES Do I need to take apart/modify my Wii console? - NO Have you tested it/Does it really work? - Yes we have and it does. Does it work with Super Smash Bros Brawl? - YES How do I use it? - Simply insert your Freeloader disc and load it in the usual way. When the drive stops, eject the Wii Freeloader disc and insert the game, which then loads and plays just like it would on its own region of Wii. It's as simple as that! Will a foreign game update my console with foreign firmware? - No, the wii freeloader plays the basic game file and that's it, basically. It ignores all update data that is on the foreign game disk that you are trying to play. It'll basically run the Wii Firmware that is currently on your Wii console.
  6. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    ill have mine tomorrow garanteed tuesday, gameseek rule:) also a us copy of smash
  7. Bully Scholarship Edition

    i agree, its very good when you get into it :)im happy i chose the wii over 360 version
  8. Mario Kart Wii

    mkds spoilt by snakers, how can you call snaking fun, i can do it for a whole race but its not exactly fun, it rather race properly and do the skid / boost around corners alone, i hope they even it out in m k wii, id rate mario kart series in this order 1. SUPER MARIO KART 2.MARIO KART DS 3.MARIO KART 64 4. MARIO KART DD 5. MARIO KART GBA all awsome awsome games what are your top 5 in order
  9. official rare gamecube game thread!

    sorry i dont get you, ill post some pics of my gamecube collection if you guys do i have about 80 games all i can say ive completed and are decent or awsome games
  10. official rare gamecube game thread!

    ???? sorry what?
  11. official rare gamecube game thread!

    lets see come pics of yoru collections ?? i just got donkey konga 3
  12. Mario Kart Wii

    those new vids look stunning and the online options look awsome too, we will be playing this for many many many years thats the awsome thing about mario kart i can pick up and play any version and have loads of fun, all of them are timeless classics could u set up a poll?
  13. Mario Kart Wii

    if you could have in your hands now a copy of mario kart or smash brothers which would you choose, id vote mario kart, could someone set up a poll?
  14. Bully Scholarship Edition

    where did u get yours from,. lot of online shops dont have them in yet
  15. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    u can aim as u shoot on any pes game, also u can point to a spot and shoot,
  16. Bully Scholarship Edition

    i ment im buying it on wii , rather than 360, the wii controls look ace, gameplay looks better on wii with the mini games too, id rather have fun controls over better graphics and basic controls
  17. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    shooting is just a flick of the nunchuck u dot have to go crazy, to pass u can point at a player and press B or u can pass to any point on the picth by pressing B, u press it quickly for a l;ow pass and hold down for a little while let go for high pass, it works very well and i can easily pass it around the park, switch sides u can run yes u have to hold down A and sort of drag the ball playerr about, the whole game takes a while to understand, it feels great for me now tho after a couple hours play
  18. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    ican slide tackle now lol its v hard to do defending is the hardest part of the game now, attacting with the new wii controls is a dream tho this is my favorite version of pes 2008 and i own pes2008 on ps2,ps3,psp,360, ds
  19. Bully Scholarship Edition

    ign gave it 8 they said its v good but the graphics are only slighlty better than ps2 bully, still the wii controls means ill be buying it on wii over my 360
  20. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    u point and click at teh guy who has the ball when defending they try to tackle him, ucan also manually drag players around too, i have no idea how to slide tackle tho :S part from defence the game is awsome
  21. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    played for about 15 mins, its great so far, the controls will be amazing once i master them, i love the way i can make players run where i want them to easily and pass anywhere i point only thing i dont understand yet is how to defend, lol graphics are above ps2 pes standard, everthing runs smooth and fast, the edit mode seems very basic , player names, transfers and team names i think, i need a menu translation guide from somwhere anyone know of 1? cheers
  22. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    im hoping to have my jap w11 wii arrive tomorrow in post to play on my jap wii
  23. Wii Fit

    worth every penny tho, cant wait already pre orderd 2 talking bout expensive things, i regret every day i dident buy samba de amigo on dreamcast, im sure the wii fit pack will keeps its value for years and years to come
  24. Mario Kart Wii

    screen shots meen jack shit, people who are dissing it are ps3 or 360 fan boys mainly, look at the videos !!!!! nuff said,
  25. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    hope this has a decent edit mode