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  1. Ferrari challenge

    is it true this has 8 player online ?
  2. Poll: Top 50 GC Games

    1.zelda wind waker 2.chibi robo 3.metriod prime 1 4.pikmin 2 5.mario sunshine 6.super smash melee 7.luigis mansion 8.animal crossing 9.metriod prime 2 10.mario kart dd lots more to come, this will be hard to choose from my 80 off games , wow so many amazing games on gamecube
  3. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    anyone who has used the gc save file what does it actually do in rd?
  4. Ferrari challenge

    looks great, dont forget , games always look allot better in motion, take thos mario kart wii pics for example, looks stunning in motion , pics look a lil ruff, i expect this to look great in motion,, whens the release?
  5. Reggie Teases, "Big Holiday Game to Be Revealed At E3"

    i think it will be a proper donkey kong game, or a proper pokemon game for wii, also pikmin wii or ds and smash ds , who knows
  6. No More Heroes

    anyone buy this from morrissons ? if so how much please? as in game its £39.99 , or is there anywhere else like currys? who may have it cheaper? or possibly does the new Nintendo mag have a £5 voucher? plmk cheers
  7. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    my order smash has not come from vg plus yet it was posted monday, typical i have a spare freeloader and no smash to sell it with, lol
  8. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    What would be also interesting to know: Are the US save games and Europe save games interchangeable (e.g. if I would buy the European version later, would the US save games work with that one?) id like to know this too
  9. Nintendo Collectables!

    http://www.play.com/Gadgets/Gadgets/4-/3229452/Metroid-Prime-Samus-Varia-Suit-Figure/Product.html# this the one? is that a good price?
  10. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    30-40 hours is not somthing i got spare sadly specially with brawl, bully,no more heroes and other games on wii, and other c onsoles on the go] guess ill have to start with no save file or put it on the shelf for months till its complete
  11. Nintendo Collectables!

    they look really ace, where would be the best place to buy them from? i would liek to get one or 2 of my fav characters,are these limited in release? how many made ect? are these the sort of thing that will keep or increase in value over the years? more pics of your collections ?? would inspire me to buy em
  12. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    yes it works fine ssj
  13. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    how many hours would it take me again rufffly to complete the gc version on normal ?
  14. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    run hold down A point where u want to sprint,
  15. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    to 100000% confirm it works to anyone who is still asking yes it does, ive played about 6 hours worth today and a few game sonline which wernt to bad at all lag wise, havent played any frein matches yet as no one has added me ?
  16. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    amazing how many pages this topic has made, i bet datel are raking it in with sales,
  17. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    fc, also posted in online forum 4940-5166-3185 lmk if you have added me
  18. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    i simply put the free loader in 2 times, then brawl, did the mini update, reset console, loaded free loader put in game, went to heaven for 3 hours or so, b4 taking a break to come on here it was off ebay mine , my vg+ hasnt turned up yet
  19. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    got my brawl and freeloader, works fine online works too, lag wasnt too bad, ill c u guys on later , is there a freind code / meet time thread yet
  20. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    i bought fire emblem on cube last week for a pricly sum of £35 :s i was near the end and i find all my gamecube saves were some how deleted its too late to complete it now in time i hope the story is not a spoiler, hoping for a fresh start story
  21. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    i paid £9.99 for special delivery and it was posted monday, its now almost 12midday on wednesday , royal mail sucks, all those strikes to get better wage and they cant do their job properly .
  22. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    anyone who bought from xbite games got theirs yet? and is the us working still on pal machines just to 100% confirm it when mine comes i need to load the free laoder 2 times! then put in smash, do the update, reset freeloader then play smash ? anyone who has it does it effect any of your pal game saves once you have created a usa smash save? hopefully ill have it and be on later, is there a freind code thread in the onlien forums yet? plmk cheers
  23. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    will it currupt any pal save files when creating the usa smash oone? will my pal wii be locked to usa from then on?
  24. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    anyone buy from xbite games on ebay? got theirs yet
  25. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    so we will need to run the free loader 2 times, then put smash in, do the update, and from then on we will just need to use teh free loader i time afterward when we want to play brawl