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  1. Affordable Space Adventures (9 April)

    Totally forgot about this , it's been out for over a month now it's probably worth waiting for the sale this late on.
  2. Got the patch and its finally getting somewhere I don't get the critisim now it's fixed , the only issue I had was the slow aI but the patch makes it perfect now , the graphics look good to me especially the palace stage . A solid 7/10 so far .
  3. Why does it take 5 minutes for the computer to have its turn? Is there no way of speeding it up ?
  4. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Nintendo world championships on mario maker hardcore made levels will be epic
  5. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    How long is the presentation ?
  6. The 90′s Arcade Racer

    Says update for backers only , can someone copy paste it ?
  7. amiibo (NFC)

    Official stylus are impossible to replace too
  8. Splatoon

    Anyone want to do an Amiibo share ? So we can unlock all content and then post them to the next person
  9. Mario Kart League 2015

    Thanks for waiting :S lol
  10. Mario Kart League 2015

    I'm in too
  11. Splatoon Direct - 7th May

    Not on the e shop yet , but that's ok becuase I am listening to that awesome f zero music
  12. Splatoon Direct - 7th May

    Bringing my popcorn for the outcry after this direct
  13. Splatoon

    Sounding good , single player will be great
  14. Mario Kart League 2015

    Glen did u get my friend request ?
  15. Mario Kart League 2015

    ill play too
  16. Mario Kart League 2015

    150 is too slow now
  17. Mario Kart League 2015

    Will 200cc be back next week ?
  18. Mario Kart 8

    What time do you think it will go live ?
  19. Mario Kart League 2015

    In be me tomorrow
  20. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    Thought it was September ?
  21. amiibo (NFC)

    Won it in the mario kart 7 comp:-) Still after the giant leaf trophy
  22. amiibo (NFC)

    So shiny
  23. amiibo (NFC)

    I think my quest is coming to an end , once I complete the smash series . I will pick up a few choice ones like the yoshi set , star fox or pikmin ect . It's just too stressful and I'm forced to refresh the page several times an hour in the hope they are up for pre order .
  24. amiibo (NFC)

    Ffs missed them :-(
  25. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    Surely this would be better suited to mobile phones? We want a proper game for the wii u not some mini game :-(