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  1. Wii Sports Club

    Are we doing it in ranked as im on now
  2. Wii Sports Club

    Come on for some golf ?
  3. Wii Sports Club

    I'm on tonight anyone for tennis?
  4. Wii Sports Club

    I'm up for it any time , some bowling or tennis ?
  5. Wii Sports Club

    Bowling has the most population .
  6. Game & Wario (June 28th)

    Agreed sketch is awesome , underrated game .
  7. Super Mario Maker

    http://youtu.be/3-dMo8I1n3A Mario maker cake wars Shame it's not a special console or gamepad design,boring old black
  8. R.I.P Satoru Iwata

    I cannot get my head around this , it's really hit me hard I feel like i have lost a friend .
  9. Mario Kart League 2015

    All miis as Iwata , I would like to join in this week and pay respects to the great man .
  10. R.I.P Satoru Iwata

    This is shocking :-( so sad . Whether you liked his business decisions or not , no one could fail to love his personality . he was so young it's really not fair. Rest in peace Mr Iwata , we will never forget you .
  11. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    Have any doubles I can have please ? Few hundred stars off the road lamp .
  12. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    Just backed it again so I can have 1 sealed copy , I think this will be very rare in the future
  13. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    Keep retweeting , today there is lots of activity coming , 4-5pm shenmue will be trending #SaveShenmue Get some awareness
  14. Splatoon

    Worth a 9 I agree with fedge.
  15. Yoshi's Woolly World (June 26th)

    This game is awesome so charming and genuinely has some challenge with the secret collectables . Another top quality title to the wii u library , it's so unfair the console isn't doing better .
  16. Art Academy

    Cheapest retail price please ?
  17. Star Fox Zero

    Graphics and art style looks like lylat wars which is awesome in my opinion , they have months to touch up a few things but it looks great. People are being far too shallow .
  18. Shenmue 3 PS4/PC

    Yep it was groundbreaking in many respects . For me it was the atmosphere and graphics and story that made it so special . It actually made me feel like I was exploring Japan . This was a time before open world games so shenmue was sort of one of the first , All be it with it's limitations compared to anything of today's standards. Please share and if you can chuck in a few dollars , the industry really needs games like this with all the modern western games .
  19. Shenmue 3 PS4/PC

    Can't wait I have backed the $500 one I can't really afford it but I really want to help support the game . Can everyone please share with all your friends we need help to get the funds up to over 5 million
  20. FAST:Racing Neo

    9.45 treehouse
  21. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_6q5Lkfzzc haha I knew someone would
  22. Star Fox Zero

    Graphics look decent , and it's not the reason why a game while be judged , Gameplay and fun is what I care about and this looks like lylat wars 2 Similar to the war starfox 2 was in comparison to 1
  23. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    Get in mario tennis and golf are among the best of their genre , looks lovely I just hope for a non gimick mode online and all will be awesome .
  24. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Is there a round table tonight ? Any chance of some suprises?
  25. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Starfox on treehouse now looks really nice graphically are you lot mad ? Maybe just unflattering trailer earlier it looks superb running