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  1. Super Mario Maker

    How do you speed up the rails ? I have made a course but I want them to be super fast.
  2. Super Mario Maker Level IDs

    Please try my Mario Maker Game and watch themed course , based off donkey kong 1,2 and Jnr Code 60A3-0000-0036-6E2F
  3. Super Mario Maker

    It was from Nintendo store , I also bought the version from game so get the free pins and that doesn't have the faded amiibo logo .
  4. Super Mario Maker

    Does anyone else have this misprint on the top of the box , Mine has 'amii' on it . Ignore the lovely signature by Mr Charles Martinet
  5. Super Mario Maker

    Been an amazing weekend , Here is my haul
  6. Super Mario Maker Level IDs

    3B01-0000-0013-380A Mario 3 level , any feedback would be welcome will give all yours a try too.
  7. Super Mario Maker

    Well most of the levels on there are tutorial levels people are just testing the water with . Give it a couple of weeks there will be some masterpeices no doubt. what a fantastic and generous game Nintendo have given us with these tools
  8. Super Mario Maker

    Really poor all round by game and Nintendo on this occasion .
  9. Super Mario Maker

    Mines the same this wait is painful . Anyone else waiting for Nintendo store orders ?
  10. Super Mario Maker

    Is that from Nintendo store ? The tracking should update around 9 am to your local depot and with a bit of pick out for delivery today .
  11. Super Mario Maker

    How are so many people getting this so early ?
  12. Super Mario Maker

    Any Nintendo store orders shipped ?
  13. Super Mario Maker

    Stupid free gifts no doubt holding things up
  14. Super Mario Maker

    I pre ordered 2 copies weeks ago paid by paypal .
  15. Super Mario Maker

    Major issues with the game stock by the looks of it, several people myself included had the payment taken this morning, only to have it refunded and emails saying the order was cancelled
  16. LBX: Little Battlers eXperience

    Is it e shop only ?
  17. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    Coin is sold out
  18. Super Mario Maker

    Time seems to be slowing down , with the run up to this release or is it just me ?
  19. Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

    Where am I buy a physical copy of it ? Thanks
  20. Devils Third

    Oh shoot it's been shipped forgot I had the order open, no time for this with meyal gear online coming
  21. Devils Third

    It was £39.99 last week
  22. Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water (30th Oct)

    Will this have english voice acting? Or will it be sub titles only and remain in japanese ? Thanks
  23. Miiverse redesign is July 29

    Hmm not a fan
  24. Wii Sports Club

    Would it be easier just to search for ranked games , as there is no one else online anymore we are pretty much guaranteed to find each other . And easier than the friend list option .
  25. Wii Sports Club

    are you guys still on ? Can we search on ranked so we can all play together